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  1. moog84

    Very slow boot 10.13.1 HFS on NVME

    Hi. I just started experimenting with a High Sierra boot on 960 EVO NVMe formatted as HFS. The boot time is very slow, 5 mins maybe more. Boot seems to take a normal amount of time with the Unibeast USB plugged. [UPDATE] For those with slow boot issues or generally anyone who wants to do a...
  2. moog84

    [HELP] Set Ethernet en0 as built-in - To get App Store etc working

    Hi, There are a couple of things I am trying to sort out with my Sierra 10.12.6 build. One of them is getting the Apple services, but mainly the AppStore (not that bothered about iMessages or iCloud at the moment) to work. I have followed every guide on this forum and elsewhere online with no...
  3. moog84

    Switch from Intel HD 630 to a Nvidia GPU

    Hi, I have been running my new build for a few weeks and it's been relatively smooth. I am now ready to add a GPU (ASUS 1060 6GB STRIX) and move away from the Intel 630 on-board graphics. As this has become my main work machine I would like to make the switch with the least possible disruption...
  4. moog84

    [HELP] No signal after switching between monitor inputs

    So the problem I have on a fresh Sierra installation is if I switch my machine before I switch on the monitor there is no signal, only solution is to restart. It works the other way, if I turn on the monitor first and have it set at the correct input source. The other similar issue is after I...
  5. moog84

    Unable to get on-board ALC1220 to work

    I am using an Asus Maximus IX Hero which apparently uses ALC1220. I used VoodooHDA which didn't seem to work. Is there a kext or other solutions that would enable the on-board audio of my mobo on a El Capitan installation?
  6. moog84

    Unable to get on-board HD 630 to work

    So my old Mac is not compatible with Sierra, was unable to download from the App Store and now Apple have removed it. So I am stuck with El Capitan which is what I will be needing help with getting the on-board graphics of my Maximus IX Hero to work. I am now trying to solve one problem at a...
  7. moog84

    Corsair H110 in a hack build. Is it compatible?

    Is there a reason the H110 by Corsair isn't included in the list of compatible water coolers. I was thinking of using it for an overclocked 7700k.
  8. moog84

    74 posts before I can start a conversation... this for real? That doesn't make sense. How can a novice in this join in and get guidance when they need 75 posts first? What kind of input can I have as a newbie that's worth 75 posts...?
  9. moog84

    Newbie advice on components

    I have been looking into a hackintosh build for a while and decided to bite the bullet and go ahead. I have only got the case so far and before I start spending my hard-earned cash I wanted to make sure what parts I spend it on will work in macOS with as little issues as possible. The parts I...