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  1. davidtbaron

    Realtek RTL8xxx network unstable in OS X 10.9

    Yes i am also have unstable issues with new atheros driver from multi beast. doesn't connect right away on start up and is unstable at time. NEVER had a problem with 10.8.5 and previous multi beast. does any one know if the atheros kext from multi beast 5.5 will work with mavericks?
  2. davidtbaron

    Success Gigabyte GA-H77M-D3H IVY Bridge i3 Gen3 and Nvidia 640GT(3 Displays)

    Decided to do a install/upgrade over 10.8.5. 1. Download mavericks from app store 2. Download Unibeast 3.0 3. Make install on to usb hard drive with unibeast 4. after install Used Multibeast 6.0 selected no dsdt ,adding USB3, atheros driver for internet, system setting iMac 12,2 enable...
  3. davidtbaron

    UniBeast 3.0 Update

    Thank You!!!!! That Was Fast :) One Question post installation can we use the Multibeast 5.5 or will that break the install?
  4. davidtbaron

    UniBeast 3.0 Update

    Thank You!!!!! :) Can we use the 5.5 multi beast with mavericks?
  5. davidtbaron

    Update Your OS X Mountain Lion App to 10.8.3

    Article: Update Your OS X Mountain Lion App to 10.8.3 my system is working perfectly on 10.8.2 is their any reason why i would need to update to 10.8.3. Will i gain any new features or better performance. This is my build and been using it for 3 weeks now without any issue at all. The only...
  6. davidtbaron

    EVGA GeForce GT 640 Question

    Hey everyone was wondering if someone could help me out with this. First i wanted to say thank you to tonymac and all that contribute here. This site is absolutly the best.!!!! I just built my first Hackintosh and thanks to the wonderful forums here with awesome feedback its working AWESOME...
  7. davidtbaron

    Dell Inspiron 17R 7110 Project Started

    Any new info on this i have been searching and searching for a tutorial specifically for this laptop or dsdt. i Have extracted dsdt original just need to patch it or find one already patched. i am a noob need a little direction lol ay help much appreciated :) Thanks Dell N7110 sandy bridge i5...