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  1. crc32

    Simplest Mac OS X Installation Guide

    Just want to throw in my Thank you. I am now up and running with Mavericks on my first Hackintosh, running on a GA-Z87n-Wifi. Thank you everyone for this.
  2. crc32

    My installation I hope this help someone. Motherboard Z87N - Wifi (Mavericks)

    Thanks for this guide. I have the same motherboard. I "rented" a friends iMac for an expensive bottle of tequila, so as to make a Mavericks/Unibeast usb drive. Only to be thwarted by the fact that her iMac only had 1 gig of ram, and thus, the Mavericks app would not download. And thus I am...
  3. crc32

    Renderfarm with GA-H61N-USB3 i7-2600k 16GB - success!

    The machine is gorgeous. I was just thinking how cool it would be to have a 7" LCD on the front of each drawer.
  4. crc32

    iBoot iso image not bootable

    I realized, I had used iBoot Legacy, rather then the regular iBoot. I had burnt mine to dvd with UltraISO. I do not know how much difference that would make though.
  5. crc32

    iBoot iso image not bootable

    It worked for me, just a couple of days ago. How are you downloading the image, and with what software are you burning the image to disc? Are your bios set up to boot from your dvd drive?
  6. crc32

    Can't continue Installing because can't push the 'continue'

    I had a similar experience, and the only way I was able to get past it was by rebooting with a usb mouse and keyboard. Other then that, I dont know. Have you tried using one of the usb patches, during instalation?