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  1. braveheart0707

    Z87 build, how to get sleep working

    So I've enabled put hard disk to sleep when possible in system settings. My config.plist is attached. Using darkwake=1 right now. Computer monitor turns off, but system does not sleep, and unable to wake up. Please advise. Thanks!
  2. braveheart0707

    System Freeze on opening wifi

    running 10.14.5 right now. Everything was working before, including Wifi. Now as soon as i enable Wifi, the system freezes. Please help me out with some ideas.
  3. braveheart0707

    Weird issue with USB microphone

    Running 10.14.5 atm with the spec in the signatures. Recently bought a USB microphone for skype, link below: Now, the product works only through a USB hub (my monitor has a built-in USB hub). If i plug it into one of the...
  4. braveheart0707

    Getting Thunderbolt 3 functionality with hot plug

    Going to build a new hackintosh with 9900K and trying to pick a motherboard. A-lot of people are using Gigabyte Designare for the built-in thunderbolt 3. Is it easy/possible to get the thunderbolt 3 ports to fully working with hot-plug? Also, not a big fan of Gigabyte in general. If i...
  5. braveheart0707

    Please let me know what CodeCommander.kext is used for

    what hardware would this kext be intended for? Thx!
  6. braveheart0707

    Using NVME SSD with PCI-E adapter

    Maximus VI HERO Z87 motherboard here. Interested in getting a NVME SSD for hackintosh and the motherboard doesn't have native m.2 slot. So if i use a NVME SSD with a PCI-E adapter, would i run into any sort of problems? Also, according to the manual, if i install the adapter on the second PCI...
  7. braveheart0707

    Sluggish Performance after upgrading to 10.14.4

    Hello, spec is Haswell i5-4670k/z87 MOBO/GTX 780. Upgraded Clover bootloader, updated the drivers, and then updated the kexts in Clover Configurator then did the upgrade to 10.14.4. However, the whole system performs kinda sluggish. Most of the time things would react 1-2 seconds after a...
  8. braveheart0707

    Slow USB 3.0 speed

    Fresh Mojave build with i5-4670k and Maximus VI Hero Z87 Board. USB 3.0 flash drives are running at 40/40 compared to 75/160 on my macbook pro. What could be wrong?
  9. braveheart0707

    nvidia on Movaje

    Gtx 780 card here on Movaje hackintosh. How do i know/check or make sure that the card is running normally in movaje? Read somewhere that Nvidia cards aren't supported in movaje yet.
  10. braveheart0707

    GTX 780 on Mojave and Metal?

    i5-4670K/Z87/GTX 780 Mojave build that seems to be working fine right now. Was hoping to get GPU acceleration working for Adobe, in particular Adobe Lightroom. Under Adobe's System Info, it shows "Graphics Processor Info: Metal: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780". Is this good? Why doesn't it say...
  11. braveheart0707

    Weird Boot Up Issue

    This isn't a big issue but during boot up, after the clover screen, the apple logo would show up and a progress bar would run, but then after a second or two, the screen would turn black/off for a sec, then the apple logo re-appears and resumes loading normally until the login screen appears...
  12. braveheart0707

    Intel 530 SSD Trim Function in Mojave

    Does anyone know if the Intel 530 series SSD has built-in Trim? If not, what is the verdict on whether Trim should be enabled in Movaje? Thanks!
  13. braveheart0707

    Preview not working

    Build: i5-4670k/GTX 780/Maximus VI Hero Z87 MOBO Issue: Preview not working with a fresh Movaje installation. Please advise.
  14. braveheart0707

    Getting hackintosh to boot into Windows on another SSD

    Working Mojave Hackintosh. And I've got a Win 10 installed on another ssd. Normally I have to go into BIOS and make the windows SSD a priority to boot into it, but i was wondering if its possible via clover. The windows ssd doesn't even show up on clover boot screen. How do i properly add...
  15. braveheart0707

    Any hackintosh compatible USB 3.1 Type C Pci-E cards?

    Thinking about adding usb 3.1 and type c to my hacktosh. Is any pci-e card going to work?
  16. braveheart0707

    Clover Boot Resolution

    My display is 2560x1440, and yet Clover boot GUI is always at 1024 or 1280. Here is a section of the boot log i found. please see below. 0:761 0:017 CsmVideoDriverBindingStart 0:761 0:000 mixed support=40010 0:761 0:000 Controller is [030000] 0:761 0:000 Check for VBE 0:964 0:202...
  17. braveheart0707

    Updating Clover EFI Bootloader

    How do I update Clover EFI bootloader without messing up my system? Should i go through the default installation options or customize? If customize, what options should I select? Thanks!
  18. braveheart0707

    Issues with bluetooth and the Fenvi Wifi/Bluetooth card

    Hello there, I am using the recommended card for my hackingtosh Fenvi PC Desktop Wifi Card 802.11 A/B/G/N/AC 2.4Ghz-300Mbps/5Ghz-1300Mbps Dual Band Wireless WIFI PCI Express PCI-E Adapter for Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 8.1 Windows 10 Linux...
  19. braveheart0707

    Touchscreen monitor for hackingtosh

    Hi guys, I have a working hackingtosh desktop pc thinking about using a touchscreen monitor Will it work? Should I forget about it?
  20. braveheart0707

    [Solved] iMessage and Facetime does not have caller ID

    I fixed iMessage and Facetime in my hackingtosh, but it does not called ID like a regular Mac. What can I do to fix it? Thanks!