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  1. jimicement

    [Guide] Airport - PCIe Half Mini v2

    I'm running the same kexts out of /S/L/E. I believe you should be using BrcmFirmwareData.kext in EFI/Clover/Kexts/10.13 or other. I've never used Clover for BT injection. I think it's worth a try if you want to stick with Clover BT injection.
  2. jimicement

    [Guide] Airport - PCIe Half Mini v2

    Jimmie with BCM94352 HMB/AzureWave AW-CE123H. Built with VioletDragon's git repo, toledo audio, and post #1. Full WiFi, Bluetooth, Handoff and Hotspot functionality with Sierra. Now running High Sierra. WiFi fully functional but now shows as 'Third Party Wireless'. Is skvo's optional AirPort...
  3. jimicement

    [NEW / TESTING] Intel 7th Generation Kaby Lake CPUs + 200 Series Motherboards in macOS

    I have a Thunderbolt Display and even a TH2 to TH3 Apple adapter. Anyone have success with USB-C/TH3 used as initial/only display with the few boards that have it?
  4. jimicement

    [05/02 Added Temporary Fix] Pascal / GTX 1060 Glitching after waking from sleep

    Just got my 1060. Had no idea. Oh well, I have a thread to watch now. Can confirm the hot corner w/ sleep fix worked for me too.
  5. jimicement

    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS Sierra 10.12.5 (378.05.05.15)

    Mildly relieved I'm not alone. Just got my 1060 last week! Didn't see this coming. Also, not seeing a thread to watch on this. Hmmm...
  6. jimicement

    Black Screen with MacPro 6,1 or iMac 15 or iMac 17 System Definition

    Z97 and 15,1 but I'm using the integrated HD4600 and having this issue from the main post. Main post is only for add-on GPUs. What about HD4600? Any recommendations? Thanks.
  7. jimicement

    Kernel Panic after installation

    10.11.3 GA-Z97N-WIFI Clover 3333 I have this kernel panic after long sleeps. Been successful in the past with a GA-H87N-WIFI and Yosemite in regards to sleep and power management w/ powernap. Leave for half the day and I'll have this panic. Looking forward to fixing this one...
  8. jimicement

    How to Fix iMessage

    It's not being sent or recieved for me from real mac. Logged out and back into iCloud/iMessages couple times now. I've completely logged my hack out of iCloud to wait it out after reverting ROM/MLB back (now getting an apple support code).