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  1. Craigrox

    Top 300 Posters of All Time

    I genuinely didn't expect to be so high up! Maybe it's time to become active again. Everyone here has been so helpful getting my systems working :-)
  2. Craigrox

    ASUS P8P67-LE Clover - can't boot from HDD after install (only UEFI USB)

    This is still an issue for me, can anyone shed any light on the issue? If this is in the wrong sub-forum please move as appropriate :-)
  3. Craigrox

    gtx 550ti help yosemite

    You're experiencing the fermi freeze - search for the :thumbup:
  4. Craigrox

    ASUS P8P67-LE Clover - can't boot from HDD after install (only UEFI USB)

    Hi everyone, I have successfully installed OS X Yosemite using the USB installer, which is recognised in the boot menu as UEFI. However I cannot successfully install the UEFI Clover boot loader to my HDD (Step 4...
  5. Craigrox

    Working 100% official Apple BCM94360CD with PCIe adapter from Mallaid/Taobao

    Working 100% official Apple BCM94360CD with PCIe adapter from Mallaid/Toabaco Just ordered these items myself, thank you for providing the links :thumbup: Will let everyone know how it goes, should be straight forward. Cheers, Craig
  6. Craigrox

    Guide To Install Yosemite on HP Laptops with Clover UEFI

    I'll use this in future to check for any assertions that could keep it alive, of course when I just tried closing the lid it worked fine.. Also noted the delay is shorter than previous OS versions. Definitely useful to be aware of these! I never realised. Though I swear I never touched them...
  7. Craigrox

    Guide To Install Yosemite on HP Laptops with Clover UEFI

    Complete agreement with this. One last item: When I closed the lid of the laptop whilst it was running Mountain Lion it used to go to sleep perfectly. However with the fresh install of Yosemite, now the screen will go black but the HDD, CPU and fans are all still on. To confuse the matter -...
  8. Craigrox

    Guide To Install Yosemite on HP Laptops with Clover UEFI

    Ooh right - I'll experiment with it and see how it goes. But I don't need ASUS AICPUPM if I have KernelPm enabled? Also does darkwake=10 offer any improvements?
  9. Craigrox

    Guide To Install Yosemite on HP Laptops with Clover UEFI

    For my ProBook 4340s (Ivy Bridge) model, would it be advisable to configure Clover with the following options: Boot: -xcpm Kernel and Kext patches: KernelPm (Would I remove ASUS AICPUPM?) I say this as I think i've read this improves speed stepping for ivy bridge models? Cheers, Craig
  10. Craigrox

    Brightness/audio keys require function keys

    Unfortunately at the time of posting this was a completely fresh install, with no 3rd party applications installed. I will try a fresh install however and get back when I can :thumbup: Edit: Unchecked the top option and now it works..
  11. Craigrox

    Brightness/audio keys require function keys

    Hi everyone, I've freshly installed OS X Yosemite over my trusty ProBook 4340s using the Clover method, and I'm finding that to change the brightness or audio volume for the first two minutes after boot I can just use the actual key (F2, F3 etc.) without the use of Fn. However after then I need...
  12. Craigrox

    Mavericks: HDMI Audio - AppleHDA [Guide]

    Thanks for the reply: currently googling for a solution for AppleHDA, found something on another forum for 10.8+ so will see how this turns out. I've edited the DSDT with your suggestions, please find the attached file: . What did these edits enable exactly? Also, is it possible to change the...
  13. Craigrox

    Mavericks: HDMI Audio - AppleHDA [Guide]

    Hi again :) I'm working with a friend to get his new(old) Dell Optiplex 780 SFF working smoothly, vitals below: Chipset: Intel Q45 Express Chipset Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.93 GHz Ethernet: Intel® 82567LM Gigabit1 Ethernet LAN 10/100/1000 Audio: ADI 1984A High Definition Audio Codec...
  14. Craigrox

    Graduating with First-Class Honours :D

    Results came out today and smashed my final year exams to graduate with a Masters degree in Electronic and Communications Engineering from the University of Leeds, Uk! I was wondering if anyone else is also graduating or facing their finals also? If so, best of luck to you! :thumbup:
  15. Craigrox

    6 Screen Hackintosh - build requirements

    Hopefully this link will clarify SLI/Crossfire Although you can install multiple GPUs for the displays, they will not work in SLI/Crossfire under OS X but will under windows as the...
  16. Craigrox

    Achieving Native Resolution on Startup: Edit your VESA Tables (AMD/Nvidia)

    I shall be doing this to my GTX 550 Ti, great guide! I remember reading something similar a while ago for AMD cards but there wasn't anything available at the time for nVidia. Cheers!
  17. Craigrox

    Possible 10.9.3 black screen fix from pikeralpha

    Glad I can help! I've taken time to understand this, basically you should add the board-id from Extra/SMBios.plist to /S*/L*/E*/AppleGraphicsControl.kext/C*/P*/AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy.kext/C*/Info.plist - solved it for me :thumbup:
  18. Craigrox

    Computer will sleep great first time, but will not re-enter sleep mode after waking up

    Hi guys, I can send my computer to sleep any period after booting up and it will sleep absolutely fine as long as it is the first time. It can be woken up by my magic mouse but not until it's told to do so. However if I try to enter sleep mode again, any length of time after waking up from the...
  19. Craigrox

    10.9.3 installation Loads apple logo and wheel, then goes black

    This seems to be a prominent problem right now, I'm looking for a fix - I've made a post on this - it didn't solve it for me but it might help you.
  20. Craigrox

    Acer X3950 + AMD HD5450

    Hi there :) I successfully installed Mountain Lion on an Acer X3990 with a GT430 installed after purchasing, this is a very similar model to yours - i5-2300, 4 gig ram etc. Break the problem down into small steps: UniBeast installer with OS X mavericks Insert USB flash drive and using the...