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  1. donw35

    Pre 10.15.4 Upgrade process how too

    Upgrade to 10.15.4, here are the steps I follow to get the update Updated kext - you can use Kext Updater or clover configurator. Updated to Clover 5107 it's important to make sure you are selecting the correct drivers, its not always going to pick up all that you need, use Clover Configurator...
  2. donw35

    Catalina - before asking for help

    I have helped a lot of people with installation problems and post installation. Please do the follow before asking for help to assist those that are willing to help. KEXTs first make sure you are using the latest versions of kexts and list them out. (Kext Updater is a handy utility for this)...
  3. donw35

    Sapphire Radeon HD5870

    upgraded from the 9800GT to a HD5870, using multibeast I installed Chameleon with the experimental ATI driver and ATY_Int Vervet enabler. all is working good. Do I need to use the ATI_Int enabler, I should have tried without it but didn't. CineBench 11.5 is 31.99 Open GL
  4. donw35

    GA X58-USB3 - i7 950

    Upgraded my system over the holiday Specs X58-USB3, i7-950, 12GB 1333Mhz DDR3, Kingston 64GB SSD, nVida 9800GT, PowerMac G5 case. I plan to upgrade the video card next but its working and I don't do allot of gaming. Audio with DSDT from Database and Multibeast Lan from Lnx2Mac driver