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  1. jsproule899

    lost + found and damaged files

    so my mackintosh has been up and running for a while now and everything works perfectly. i dual boot using clover and two separate drives for OS X and windows. however on the OS X hard drive i keep get incorrect number of thread records and sometimes it would resolve itself and there would be...
  2. jsproule899

    Safari and Youtube

    so when i click full screen on a youtube video, the player enlarges but the actual video doesn't until i click pause and then play to fix it. i have updated java and flash plugins still happening? Thanks, J.
  3. jsproule899

    Nice Hackintoshing nerd story

    so i work in an electronics store and the other day i had a customer looking an powered esata cable... unfortunately we didn't have any but i asked him why he was getting one instead of using an external enclosure? turns out he had a hackintosh and needed to diagnose a particular drive from a...
  4. jsproule899

    Asus GTX 780 OC DCII using default not web drivers

    title says it all really, everything is working ok but when i select web driver and reboot it reverts back to default, just worried incase I'm missing out on performance or optimisations. does anyone else use a gtx 780? does yours boot with web drivers? El Capitan 10.11.3 Beta Nvidia drivers...
  5. jsproule899

    Low CineBench r15 score for GTX 780 dc2 oc

    anyone know why I'm getting such low score? it says its using the os x default driver but i have the web driver is installed and nvda_drv=1 is on
  6. jsproule899

    echo on facetime calls!

    everything working brilliantly including iMessage and facetime :) but callers are complaining of an echo of themselves... any one else having this issue? i'm using calling through my hackintosh via my iphone 5s and using a corsair raptor hs40 headset (for both mic and speakers) thanks
  7. jsproule899

    Clover usb to fixz imessage

    hi cant fix iMessage on chimera, tried making a clover usb to boot from fix and then boot normally from chimera, but couldn't see my Yosemite drive in the clover boot menu. if anyone could link an updated guide for this and give any advice would be grateful. everything works on my hack apart...
  8. jsproule899

    iMessage HELP! can log in but cant send!

    I can log into my iMessage but every number/email address i type in of anyone i know with an iphone it says they are not registered with iMessage(obviously wrong) i have tried a lot of the guides and still got no where so am needing desperate help as this is the last thing that i cant get...
  9. jsproule899

    USB Headset not appearing in sound prefs!!! but previously were!!!

    i am uising giotex headset usb, they worked perfectly then i did a new install of the bootloader with new settings and cant figure out what i did wrong. i installed the alc898 patch which got my onboard audio working including my surround sound but not the headset help!!
  10. jsproule899

    [SOLVED]other drives not showing

    i currently have my osx on a 500gb seagate drive with the bootloader. my windows is on an ocz ssd and i also have a storage hdd. when i boot only my mavericks drive shows. the other drives will show however when i boot into windows using f11(boot disk selector and select the ssd) and then reboot...
  11. jsproule899

    My GTX 780 with 0 MB Vram??

    i dont know if os x mavericks is actually not detecting the vram or its just not seeing it but yet still using it? has anyone else had this problem? i am using the nvidia web Specs: i5 3570K Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 8GB Corsair Vengeance Asus GTX 780 DCUII OC 128GB SSD(windows drive) 500GB...
  12. jsproule899

    Post installation problem!

    This message appears as I try to boot up, I can boot up fine when display plugged into on board intel graphics but get this message when plugged into my gtx 780. How do I fix this please help! Thanks
  13. jsproule899

    Mavericks desktop install freezes at boot args

    hit enter and begins to run tries to enter Darwin and then hits a wall at Boot args: bootuuid system: i5 3570k 8gb corsair vengence as-rock extreme 4 z77 hd6950(unplugged for installation) hdd