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  1. MrMarnic

    Fans keep running in sleep mode

    Hello, on my hackintosh nearly everything is working. The only thing that bothers me is the not completely working sleep. When I put the hackintosh into sleep the screen goes black but the fans keep running. I hope you can help me.
  2. MrMarnic

    AppleALC ALC892 no sound

    Helo guys, I tried tried to enable the Audio on my laptop with the AppleALC. I installed the AppleALC.kext and the Lilu.kext in Clover/kexts/other and set the layout-id in Clover to 1. I also patched the dsdt with the IRQ patch. All audio devices are recognised but they make no sound. Only at...
  3. MrMarnic

    [solved] Brightness is changing 3 times per on key click

    I managed to get the brightness on my laptop (MSI gp72 2qe Leopard Pro) and tried to enable the brightness keys with this Method. My keys are handled via ACPI and the code for brightness up is _QB7(fn+up arrow) and for brightness down _QB8(fn+down arrow). The keys are working but they are...
  4. MrMarnic

    [Guide] MSI GP72 2QE Leopard Pro (or similar) High Sierra 10.13.4 (Broadwell)

    MSI GP72 2QE Leopard Pro Overview: This guide discribes how to install High Sierra on a MSI GP72 2QE Leopard Pro on UEFI with CSM. This guide works for Dual-booting. Summary: What does not work Not tested Requirement USB Creation BIOS Settings Installing MacOs Post Installation The End What...