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  1. yoouuri

    Success: GA-Z87M-D3H - i5 4670 - HD4600

    Succes: GA-Z87M-D3H - i5 4670 - HD4600 I bought a cheap HD5870 from somebody on the internet, the card works OOB :D My onboad sound is working, just using Multibeast.
  2. yoouuri

    Remove Chameleon, install Clover

    Hello all, Im searching on the internet, but i cant find a clear answer.. Is it possible to replace Chameleon with Clover. ATM i have a fully working hackintosh. (see signature for my build) Can i just install Clover and overwrite Chameleon, delete the Extra folder (backup first). Pls help me.
  3. yoouuri

    Success: GA-Z87M-D3H - i5 4670 - HD4600

    Hello all, Today i completed my first hackintosh build. GA-Z87M-D3H Core i5-4670 Just a 500W power supply (already...
  4. yoouuri

    Build my first hackintosh (Z87M-D3H, i5, HD5870)

    Hello guys, I am going to build my first hackintosh with the following hardware: Mobo: GA Z87M-D3H (Audio: ALC892, Internet: Realtek 8111F-VL) CPU: Intel Core i5-4670K RAM: Corsair Vengeance 1600 4GB (2x) Power supply: 630W (owned) Graphics: XFX ATI HD5870 (owned) Case: Powermac G5 (going to...
  5. yoouuri

    League of Legende on a HD5870

    Hello all, i dont know if there are any league of legende players here but i have a question. Does LoL run well on a HD5870 with an i5 (Haswell)? Thanks, Youri
  6. yoouuri

    Question about Clover and Multibeast

    Hello, I dont know if this is in the right part of the forum, but i have a question. I am going to build a hackintosh; Intel i5-4670K GA Z87M-D3H Corsair VS 450W Corsair Vengeance 1600-4GB ATI HD5870 I saw some guides, and i am going to try a Clover installation. But for example audio, can...
  7. yoouuri

    HD5870 Mavericks support?

    Hello, I am going to build my first Hackintosh, but i have a question about a HD5870. Is there native support for this Card, Out of the box? Snow Leopard has support i saw it on the forums. And in the future, is there still support for this card?