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  1. revevs

    Solved > Possible to use 1500ma 'PowerBoost' USB on Gigabyte motherboard?

    Ive been using an old iPad as a second display (Duet Display app). All works great, but after 7-8hrs the battery dies as the USB port cant power it fast enough (its hitting the USB max of 500ma). I saw that my motherboard has 'PowerBoost' (marketing!) that will allow 1500ma instead of 500ma...
  2. revevs

    Solved > Duet Display issues on Hackintosh - some apps look like 'static'

    Anyone using Duet Display? Ive noticed that some apps dont like when its running - i get a 'static' style image in apps. It works on my 'real' mac, so im hesitant to log a bug as obviously a hackintosh isnt supported :)
  3. revevs

    Solved > 4k Display showing as 5k in System Information (not in displays pref pane)

    I just bought a 4k LG display, in System Preferences and in 'About this Mac' the display shows a max resolution of 3840 x 2160 as expected. In System Information it shows 5120x2880. I ignored this initially as everything was working fine. However just noticed that in VMWare the native res is...
  4. revevs

    [SOLVED] Mojave - Reboot when waking from Sleep

    My Hackintosh was working perfectly on HS, and Mojave seemed ok too until I realised that it now cant wake from sleep without rebooting. Any pointers on where to look/any obvious fixes? SOLVED! Deleted the files in /Library/Preferences/, see...
  5. revevs

    CPU Fan randomly getting stuck at full speed after 10.13.5?

    This may be a coincidence, but its only started to happen after 10.13.5 and has now happened a couple of times. My CPU fan has decided to start spinning at full speed. Temperature, CPU usage etc is all low, so its not doing it for any good reason. I did a few reboots and that didn't stop it...
  6. revevs

    That was too easy, whats the catch? - RX 560 OOTB install

    So I just put a Gigabyte RX 560 4GB into my machine. Works OOTB as far as I can tell. I haven't changed anything else - no kext, no config - and it works fine. Both my HDMI and DVI monitor. From everything I read I thought I'd at least need Lilu/WhateverGreen? I wasn't sure if I needed to...
  7. revevs

    HD4600 vs GTX1050/RX560 for general/non-gaming. Any point?

    I was wondering if there was any benefit to upgrading to use a GTX1050 instead of the HD4600 built into my CPU, for non-gamin reasons? As the HD4600 isn't something Apple have ever used, would a GTX1050 with official pascal drivers actually be more stable? Does macOS or built in apps take...