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  1. bakgds

    [GUIDE] Lenovo Yoga 920

    Hardware CPU: I7-8550u GPU: UHD620 RAM: 16GB 2400MHz DDR4 SSD: I don't remember which Samsung SSD is in here but it is fully compatible with no extra work Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Card: Has an incompatible Qualcomm card. I replaced it with the Lenovo BCM94352Z. Either this laptop has no whitelist, or...
  2. bakgds

    CPU and GPU Issues

    I have a Lenovo Yoga 920 on Catalina Beta 1. My CPU clock spped never goes below it's base (1.29GHz). I also sometimes have graphical glitches when playing games. I've included my problem reporting files as well as an IOReg dump because the tool failed to get it.
  3. bakgds

    Solved > Built in speakers not working

    My built in speakers are detected but there's no audio coming from them. The mic and any earbuds I plug in work, so I don't know why the speakers aren't working.
  4. bakgds

    [solved] Help battery patching Lenovo Yoga 920

    I'm not done patching yet, but after doing the 16 and 32 bit sections I'm getting this error 6126 syntax error, unexpected PASEOP_CLOSE_PEREN, expecting PASREOP_EXP_INDEX_LEFT This error seems to only occur in methods that are serialized. Thanks for your help in advance