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  1. itech

    Stop clover from creating additional boot options

    I have managed to install el Capitan on my newly built skyline system with the help of you wonderful folks, all is well except for sleep. My concern is clover keeps creating additional boot options in the bios. I am booting with UEFI, I am only using one hdd I have reflashed the bios and have...
  2. itech

    HP DV7-6100 Keyboard and battery issue.

    I have an HP DV7-6100 Laptop, yosemite install went great. I tried editing the voodoops2keyboard controller to make some keys work with no success. my laptop seems to have the fn keys enabled by default, I have to press the fn to to get the regular f key function. How can I add scan codes to the...
  3. itech

    I need full GTS 450 or HD 3000 support with ML

    Hey Hackintoshers, I need some help getting my gpu working. When I boot into Mountain Lion (ML) 10.8.2 with my GTS 450 My monitors goes to sleep. When I boot with the Integrated Graphics, I have no loaded kext . I have tried setting the system definition to mac mini and macbook 8,1 still...
  4. itech

    I need a mid performance Video cards supported oob in ML

    First of all, I am dissapointed that the 2012 customac guide does not include more video cards that are supported in Mountain Lion, leaving us to scramble to find a GPU that fill the gap. I need a mid range performance card that is supported out of the box in ML. I don't want to pay $300 for a...
  5. itech

    GA Z68XP-UD4 Mountain Lion with HD3000 issue!

    I have a GA Z68xp-ud4 that was working properly with lion, I updated my bios to the new EFI bios Z68XPUD4.U1G which killed my lion installation, so I did a fresh install of mountain lion. Now I cannot get my GTS 450 to work without connecting one of my monitors to the IGP I'm running dual...
  6. itech

    Buy HD 6870 or wait for HD 7850

    I have a GTS 450 and looking to upgrade, Should I buy the AMD HD 6870 or wait for the HD 7850, I have been eyeing this card which can be had for $160/$140 AR on a good weekend. I have read the reviews for the HD 7850 and I don't see...
  7. itech

    RocketRaid 2310 Not showing up in OS X Lion "SOLVED"

    I have a Rocket Raid 2310, the card has been set up in raid 5 and initialized it works fine in windows, but does not show up at all in OSX Lion I checked profiler and Disk utility; I still don't see any reference to the card I have confirmed the card works just not in OSX. Please Help me. Any...
  8. itech

    Jabra A320s does not allow BT devices to wake PC from sleep

    I just bought the recommended Jabra A320s, but it is still not allowing bluetooth devices to wake pc from sleep, the option is grayed out. I have Lion 10.7.3. PRoduct ID: 0x2101 Vendor ID: 0x0a5c I have already looked around but cannot find a solid answer. any help greatly appreciated.