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  1. macwannabe

    [Guide] Acer Aspire E5-571 using Clover with optional Windows dual-boot

    Has anyone had luck high sierra? Mine is a e5-571-33e3 I am still learning about the dsdt patching atm its running fine as it but without audio even with all the kexts that were attached and the graphics flicker and show 4mb of memory
  2. macwannabe

    Acer Aspire E1-571

    Guys I have a Aspire E1-571 and want to hackintosh. I have just brought a new Mac Mini and have previously only hackintoshed a Probook so I am not great at this. I tried this a while back on my E1-571 and could only get to load with using the boot flags everytime and from the tonymac USB Drive...
  3. macwannabe

    Problem with Bluetooth on Atheros AR5B195 and mavericks

    I have the same wifi card with the AR3011 bluetooth and my apple keyboard is fine over bluetooth but the magic mouse keeps coming and going? Any advice on this and also why would you say the bluetooth on this is junk out of interest and if it is then can you let me know what pins to tape and...
  4. macwannabe

    Vostro 3560?

    Keep updated but I think this laptop is a fail.
  5. macwannabe

    Vostro 3560?

    I am very interested in this thread as I have a Vostro 3460 (same hardware). I can install from usb stick get to desktop but not much else, the usb drives did not work with me so I used a burned cd with multibeast but if I use the first option easy install meant for desktops that does not work...
  6. macwannabe

    Vostro 3460

    Thanks for taking the time to help, I realised that the usb did work with a usb mouse just not any usb memory sticks or hard drives which was weird, anyway I finally managed to get multibest burned onto a cd and it run from that. after installing drivers including the bootloader and intel...
  7. macwannabe

    Vostro 3460

    Hello sorry im new to this, I used unibeast and got that to work with usb 3 port by adding that kext using tonymacs kext installer and it installed fine then comes to the desktop but then no usb ports are working so am unable to install drivers using multibeast also have no internet, dvd etc. I...
  8. macwannabe

    Vostro 3460

    Now installed ml using that kext and tonymac kext installer but the next problem is once booted no usb drives work hence cant install anything from unibeast
  9. macwannabe

    Vostro 3460

    Thanks for this, just been trying to dint the extras folder where about is this located and do I need to create the usb stick again? Thanks!
  10. macwannabe

    Vostro 3460

    I am trying to install mountain lion using unibeast on a Vostro 3460 but have come against the still waiting for root device problem. I know from research this can mean using a usb 2.0 drive but my problem is the Vostro only has usb 3.0 ports. Is there any way around this? Picture attached...
  11. macwannabe

    Acer Aspire V5-171 Notebook?

    Just before I part with cash as I am a little worried my local pc store has the v5-171 with the i3 processor would this make a difference as its not a i5 ?
  12. macwannabe

    Acer Aspire V5-171 Notebook?

    What is the disadvantage of using Voodoohda does this mean quality will not be as great? I will be using headphone socket to a stereo when watching 720p movies and also for music so this must be okay. As for the speakers don't care about them at all. Also speedstep just means the laptop will not...
  13. macwannabe

    Acer Aspire V5-171 Notebook?

    So basically I was thinking of buying one of these after selling my current hackintosh and are you saying this is very hard and do you require a mac as I obviously will not have one of them to use for this install (I will still have my Mountain Lion 10.8.2 USB Drive Installer). I am willing to...
  14. macwannabe

    home made imac :)

    I know mine is no ware near as amazingly fantastic but anyway while we are on the subject and on a more serious note I actually think a small pc on a vesa mount on a modern led monitor is a great value hackintosh so im planning on a new monitor this week...
  15. macwannabe

    fan speed

    Are there any programs for mountain lion that can allow adjustment of fan speed on a hackintosh
  16. macwannabe

    Trash Bin

    Has anyone else had this? A little annoying now as its a few GB wasted on my 64GB M4 SSD
  17. macwannabe

    Trash Bin

    Have a .iso in my trash bin and am unable to empty searched google and tried the terminal command, secure empty trash and even the app trash it I think it was called? Is it worth repairing the disc using the bootable mountain lion usb stick then disc utility?
  18. macwannabe

    EBIOS read error: Error 0x31 Block 0x0 Sectors 0

    Just had this on my hackintosh and thought I would need to put up with it thanks to this thread I realised my shuttle ds61 has built in card reader so disconnected and message gone away :) luckily I don't use it but there needs a fix for people who do?
  19. macwannabe

    bitdoctor's MiniMacPro Build: intel Core i7-3770 - Gigabyte GA-H77N-WIFI - HD 4000 - 16 GB - 256 GB

    Love these builds (mini hackintosh) and have just built on a tight budget one using a Shuttle DS61 and a i3 3225 and have to say this has made me a little jelouse myne looks a lot cheaper! As with the 77watt cpu does this get a little warm, mine is 55w and the unit gets very hot to the touch...
  20. macwannabe

    Unable to get past language selection

    Now I have the following problem (picture attatched) have played with bios and no luck so far. I did manage to get into mountain lion once but as soon as I was in and on language selection again I could not click on anything (now am unable to even get that far), tried all options on the...