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  1. fcc-pt

    i5 3450 max frequency 3.30Ghz?!?

    Recently I've upgraded to High Sierra, smooth install etc. Post installation with multibeast (the basics) after that executed the and moved the SSDT.aml to ...ACPI/patched I've found that my i5-3450 never goes above 3.3Ghz / 31.7 Watt I know that turbo goes well above that (3.5Ghz)...
  2. fcc-pt

    Elitebook 8470P - New wifi card BT+ Wifi AC

    Hi, so I need to replace my 8470P laptop intel centrino with a new wifi card. I would like to have BT+Wifi AC support... I've read a lot about and i've found that the 8470P has in fact one mini-pcie port without whitelist... i just wonder how lucky would I be to get one AC card such as...
  3. fcc-pt

    Dual Xeon Build - Affordable

    Hi community ;) I been reading successful posts of DUAL CPU builds for a quite a while now. However I found that most of it is lacking substancial information! Many builds can't have VTX enabled! Or cpu states, hyper threading or even RAM properly configured without a LOT of work or not...
  4. fcc-pt

    Startup Error

    Hello, I've successfully managed to install Yosemite with 960gtx :D I've made the usual procedures after install used MultiBeast. Now, once in while I'm getting a kernel panic with 0xffffff8000df2 kernel trap at 0xffffff8e6f32f suggesting that cpu power management may be incomplete ... I...
  5. fcc-pt

    Unibeast - Installation error under vmware or macosx with mountain lion

    Hello, I'm having troubles installing unibeast 3.0. I've followed several tutorials and none have worked for me using unibeast. I've a proper mountain lion app and usb drive well prepared under disk utility. The output of tail -f /var/log/install.log Oct 31 12:58:57 fccs-Mac.local...