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  1. Busta999

    Dual SATA USB 3 HUB

    Hi Any suggestions on how to get this working with my High Sierra build? Caveat, this is my first hackintosh and first PC build for 15 years - so totally a noob here - ideas much appreciated. Been searching around for a while but nor getting anywhere. I have a Xiaobi Dual Bay HDD Sata...
  2. Busta999

    Anyone with Gigabyte Z370N Wifi and BCM94360CS2 with adapter

    Has anyone here installed a BCM94360CS2 + m2 adapter into a Gigabyte Z370N Wifi mobo? If so - any challenges?
  3. Busta999

    Z370N - WIFI - BT/Wifi BCM94360CS2 - m2 adapter - HW Install Advice Please

    Hi Again - any ideas/thoughts would be helpful - thanks....... I have the machine all up and running thanks to @feartech & @pastrychef The BCM943360CS2 and m2 adapter have arrived so ready for the next step. Preparation 1. I have backed up the EFI folder on the EFI Partition 2. Full...
  4. Busta999

    [Solved] Permanent loop after Unibeast

    ok Have restarted from scratch several times. I get the same point, everything up til the reboot after UniBeast. In UniBeast I selected. Clover UEFI Boot Mode audio Alc1220 Disk intel generic AHCI SATA Fakesmc fakesmc plug-ins Network intel appleintele1000e v3.3.6 Boot loaders clover UEFI...
  5. Busta999

    1st Time Hackintosh Builder

    Advice please:- Background: I used to build all my PCs, and I had nine up and running until I bought my first Mac Mini about 12 years ago. Since then bought a swag of iMacs/Macbook Pros/Mac Minis.... My current Mac Mini a Late 2012 i7 Quad 2.6GHz is getting on a bit. I've been waiting for...