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  1. phunguss

    In clover on hdd, no hard drives are shown, they appear only with usb clover

    Check your config.plist on you your hard drive. Use Clover Configurator and on the GUI page, look at the SCAN items. Check them all and see what you get on next boot.
  2. phunguss

    "Mac in the Box" Hacintosh, for the budget minded.

    The original Macintosh and a lot of later models featured plastic exteriors. Inside later models they were often metal cages that worked as RF shields or Faraday cages. Early models not so much. On a 1992 production of a Macintosh Classic II that I own, the interior is painted with a dark...
  3. phunguss

    [In Progress] Mac Classic II Hackintosh Color+ conversion

    I have the original keyboard and mouse that run on ADB, hence the ADB2USB that I will install inside the back panel, so it will retain the original look from the outside. The mouse and keyboard will be useable, but so will a wireless BT mouse and KB or USB versions. This whole Coronavoidance...
  4. phunguss

    complete Catalina installer on App Store

    Download Catalina from the app store. Doddude1 patcher works fine. Read his instructions, they work fine on older real macs. I have have put Catalina on a 2009 Macbook5,2 and 2011 Macbook Pro 11,1 without any problem.
  5. phunguss

    [In Progress] Mac Classic II Hackintosh Color+ conversion

    Mac Classic II (M4150 built in 1992) The story of a classic Hackintosh. [In Progress] I have been working on a few Apple G4 Cube projects. Two were completed and sold, one is complete and in use as a daily computer, and I have four more shells to fill. I came into possession of a vintage...
  6. phunguss

    cloning with CCC

    EFI System Partition (ESP). Mount them with either EFI Mounter or CloverConfigurator.
  7. phunguss

    GTX 750 Ti maybe lagging my hackintosh ?

    I am using a GTX 750 Ti on High Sierra, macOS 10.13.6 (17G7024), my CUDA matches yours, but my web driver says I am up to date at 387., which matches the downloads section. Maybe you went too far with the web driver?
  8. phunguss

    Whats the latest macOS i could run?

    I run Catalina fine on hardware older than that. Intel DH61DL mini-ITX motherboard, i7-3770, ASUS GT730 1Gb.
  9. phunguss

    Pleace Help to install Apple Boot Animation

    Well, more info would be needed. Which version of macOS are you running? I am not a true expert, just a mere enthusiast, but it looks like your config mentions Mojave. With that, why is VBoxHFS disabled, when you should just remove the kext if you are not using it? You have a lot of boot...
  10. phunguss

    Pleace Help to install Apple Boot Animation

    Turn off debug in your config.plist (CloverConfigurator is a great tool), set the correct default named boot device, and set the proper timeout. Read the Clover wiki.
  11. phunguss

    Which Cheapest Mini-ITX Motherboard Has Working WiFi In macOS?

    Because this particular card happens to be Kepler GK208 based (your 1050 Ti is pascal GP107 based). See this thread: And the VGA port works on it too! NVIDIA cards, find one with a K in it.
  12. phunguss

    Which Cheapest Mini-ITX Motherboard Has Working WiFi In macOS?

    You didn't say powerful, but cheap. The cheapest one I have that does work with Catalina is an old Intel DH61DL with an official Apple BRCM1064 (BCM94331CD) on a mPCIE adapter card. You can find the mobo on eBay for $35-50, and the wifi card and adapter for under $25. Cheap video card would...
  13. phunguss

    GT 710(GK208) Hardware Acceleration

    Correct, none of the OpenCL benches run (luxmark, gb4, gb5), but I did get NovaBench to run, Metal=163, OpenCL=0. OpenGL, benches here:
  14. phunguss

    Best LP (low profile) GPU for Catalina

    The R9 Nano works in Catalina. Not really Low Profile, but Mini-ITX short! Shows up as Fury X 4Gb, benching it now. I have 3 of them (one I got for as low as $80 on eBay). My benchmarks are bottlenecked by the Intel DH61DL motherboard only having a 1x PCIE slot, so this card is on a mining...
  15. phunguss

    GT 710(GK208) Hardware Acceleration

    GK208 GT730 1Gb. My acceleration seems to work fine, no mouse issues. Heaven and Valley both run, all be it slow. But VideoProc does not use the hardware.
  16. phunguss

    Clover shows no bootable devices

    CSM = Compatibility Support Module, a part of UEFI to allow legacy BIOS stuff. I had a similar issue with the unibeast Catalina USB. Edit your config.plist to show all partitions (I used CloverConfigurator under GUI tab, SCAN check them all)
  17. phunguss

    gt 730 kepler no metal

    Great news! I had an older system that I thought was reserved to High Sierra for life. This thread made me take a look at some old hardware: Mini-ITX Intel DH61DL motherboard, Asus GT 730 Silent 1Gb on a 1x PCI riser (crypto-style), i7-3770 CPU. Success! Even though this old motherboard...
  18. phunguss

    My Long G4 Cube Build

    Well lets just say, 4 years old is not that bad. I am reviving an old build on an old Intel DH61DL with i7-3770. It has an old 1Gb Asus GT730 Silent, which I just found out is Kepler based, so loading up Catalina right now.
  19. phunguss

    Gtx 1060 6gb ddr5x not working

    Have you tried all the web drivers? The version should match your macOS version here:
  20. phunguss

    Firewire. Old old song...

    I have an HP 8470p laptop with built in firewire port. I enabled it in bios, and under Mojave, iMovie seems to import from a mini-DV camera just fine.