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  1. Spagnoletto

    ASPM missing on few devices

    Do I need worry about it ? What I miss ? Any advice ?
  2. Spagnoletto

    Which SMBIOS choose ?

    Hi, I have got hardware like in profile, and I want choose SMBIOS for that, RX570 and Intel UHD 630 before work on MacMini8,1 but after update to 10.4.5 I got glitches. Need help.
  3. Spagnoletto

    Intel UHD 630 - Signal Lost after boot

    Ok. I have i5-8400 with UHD 630. I installed Lilu and WhateverGreen, make ig-platform-id 0x3e9b0007. When I boot I have "Signal Lost" so I think that problem is in FrameBuffer right ? My board have only HDMI and VGA port, but I don't know how to patch that ports. How to identify with one is HDMI...
  4. Spagnoletto

    No Turbo mode after update to 10.13

    Weird thing. After update to 10.13 I loose turbo mode. I have generated ssdt by Piker's script and everything working until now. Anyone have same ? Intel i7-2670QM turbo mode is 3.1GHz but I have only 2.8GHz max. Clover folder and ioreg attached. kextstat|grep -y acpiplat 14 2...
  5. Spagnoletto

    [solved] Problem with ALC272 audio

    I don't have audio at all. I worked with AppleHDA patch with DSDT injection but nothing. When I verbose I see that AppleHDAController didn't loaded. So I patched HDA with Apple HDAPatcher app and I got internal speakers but not internal or external microphone.Anyone have working solution for...
  6. Spagnoletto

    Graphics inject...

    I need help. I installed Sierra with Clover Legacy Mode and working, but... Because Multibeast didn't work with Clover, I have got problem with graphics. When I run Sierra from SSD with Clover, I must add 0x1660003 to Intel Inject Section, otherwise it not start. Same when I running installer...
  7. Spagnoletto

    Mouse and Keyboard and other stuff fix

    I've done it. Installed Sierra on my platform, but... Multibeast didn't work for me, no log from it, but when I boot system into Sierra, keyboard and mouse don't work, screen resolution it's only 1024x768, no audio etc... Anyone help me fix screen and input device ? Other I will searching when I...
  8. Spagnoletto

    Sierra: DSMON has arrived

    Hi, I'm fighting about 2 hours but can't reach gui installer, because it showing "DSMON has arrived" and stops. I make USB Installer with Unibeast. Clover with dart=0, nv_disable=1 -v and nothing. I changing Ig-id but when it boot's i have same error and graphics of iphone etc... Anyone help...