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  1. Jkraze

    updated to Mojave, no quick look or preview jpg, help AMD rx 580

    can you or someone tell me how to disable the IGPU? i have imacpro 1,1 and everything works fine except the preview for MOV files in finder. Thats the only thing Id like fixed. but I dont want to lose hardware acceleration by going to other system profiles
  2. Jkraze

    Radeon RX 4XX/5XX standalone system, AMDRadeonX4250.kext (GVA support H264) does not support HEVC HW

    Is anyone noticing the export difference between fcp 10.4.7 and Davinci 16? I export H.265 and for some reason FCP doesnt like it.
  3. Jkraze

    AMD and Nvidia graphic cards at same time

    Im seeing ya are having success with dual gpu. I cant seem to get mines to work. I have a RX590 and a GTX660 TI I have lulu and whatevergreen kext if i use dv_disable=1 then I can get just the rx to work but if i dont use it i get a black screen. any suggestions on getting no lag with both...
  4. Jkraze

    Radeon Compatibility Guide - ATI/AMD Graphics Cards

    I cant find much information on this but why cant we fakeid a nivida card to act as an amd card? such as a gtx660ti which is native supported and works out the box, is there a way to make the cpu think its an amd? I was looking into headless platformid etc but whew im blown away.
  5. Jkraze

    Will my Nvidia Graphics Card work with macOS ? List of Desktop Cards with Native Support

    2 questions 1.what would be the main differences for using SSDT, disabling discrete graphics opposed to just using nv_disable=??? 2.I have a gtx 660ti and it does work with my rx590 in mojave (but) hardware acceleration cant be utilized; causing big lag. Are we just waiting for the webdriver...
  6. Jkraze

    Radeon Compatibility Guide - ATI/AMD Graphics Cards

    good info