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  1. maxiedaniels

    Z370 Aorus Gaming 5 working great for months, until unplugging for a few days

    I had a pretty perfectly running Z370 Aorus Gaming 5 w Alpine Ridge for the last few months.. hot-swap wasn't working for the Thunderbolt 3, but that's okay. I even got it so unplugging one TB3 port wouldn't disconnect the other (which used to happen before I installed the SSDT's in the hotswap...
  2. maxiedaniels

    Power issue? Thunderbolt options under Peripherals missing (Z370 Aorus Gaming 5)

    I'm trying to figure out why my second TB3 port (or a second daisy chained device on the first TB3 port) won't work.. and now suddenly the Thunderbolt section under BIOS > peripherals is gone!! What happened?? My first TB3 device is still working, so I'm *very* confused.
  3. maxiedaniels

    Second Thunderbolt 3 device suddenly not working..

    I have the Aorus Gaming 5 with the Alpine Ridge TB3 card. I unplugged my whole system last week to get a few things sorted with my room wiring, and now I've plugged it back in and my 'second' TB3 device isn't recognized. Example: Facing the rear panel ports, the right TB3 port works correctly...
  4. maxiedaniels

    Intel Core i7-8700K - no AVX support?

    I'm not exactly sure what AVX is, I'm assuming some sort of virtualization thing, but I'm trying to run some new software (Native Instruments Massive X) that requires AVX. I'm getting an error saying my system doesn't support it. Is it a BIOS thing or does my processor actually not support it...
  5. maxiedaniels

    Gigabyte RX 580... still no fix?

    Is there still no fix for graphics issues with the RX580? Specifically, Photos freezing up the computer with a bunch of GPU dump errors. I've seen lots of threads on it, and I've seen suggestions to try Lilu and WhateverGreen, but nothing has fixed it for me. Super bummed, as I thought the RX580...
  6. maxiedaniels

    RX580 build, GPURestarts, graphics hanging for 4-5 seconds at a time

    My build has been working great for weeks, and then suddenly this week I had to restart twice because my system was hanging for 4-5 seconds at a time, with only a few seconds in between to move my mouse, get to console, and see what was happening. Turns out it's a whole lot of...
  7. maxiedaniels

    8700k: low Geekbench multicore benchmark?

    Fixed. Really dumb, but turns out the Aorus Gaming 5 manual is a bit confusing with memory slot configuration. I was accidentally running in single channel! **original post below** I just got my new build going.. 8700k, aorus gaming 5 mb, 32gb ram, rx580. Everything is running well now except...
  8. maxiedaniels

    [Solved] Aorus Gaming 5 + 8700k + RX580, booting High Sierra = monitor off, fans go quiet

    ** update** leaving this up in case someone has the same issue.. turns out it was the RX580, and the solution is enabling RadeonDeInit. ** original post ** I don't really know what else to try here. I built my system today, and have had trouble getting into my actual installation of High...
  9. maxiedaniels

    How to deal with keyboard difference?

    I'm considering doing a Hackintosh laptop and was wondering how people handle the ctrl, windows, and alt keys when running Mac? Is it easiest to switch the functionality of the keys so that alt becomes command, and windows becomes alt/option?
  10. maxiedaniels

    Thunderbolt 2/3, USB3, USB-C compatibility?

    How is support for Thunderbolt 2, Thunderbolt 3, USB3, and USB-C now? I had a Hackintosh back in 2012, and at the time, firewire was troublesome, and I remember later on reading about problems with Thunderbolt. I was never sure if USB3 ever got sorted either.
  11. maxiedaniels

    Well, the new MBP isn't great... best Hackintosh-compatible laptop w/ good GPU?

    Is there a laptop out there with either a good AMD or NVIDIA GPU that has decent Hackintosh support? I would need wifi working, along with audio, and Thunderbolt 2/3 if possible..
  12. maxiedaniels

    Maximum supported thunderbolt connections?

    I'd be coming from a Mac Pro trashcan, which has six Thunderbolt 2 connections. With only one header on the motherboards with TB2, is the only option to daisy chain devices through one port? How reliable is that? Is there no way to get three or four ports?
  13. maxiedaniels

    Possible to get Thunderbolt on original LGA 2011 boards?

    Since they are selling so cheap, I'd love to do a build with the E5-2670, but it's the original LGA 2011 which are dated and I don't think there's any mobo with Thunderbolt 2 available. Does anyone know if it's possible to get Thunderbolt 2 going over PCI-E w/o a Thunderbolt header?
  14. maxiedaniels

    Deciding if it's time to go back to Hackintosh... USB-C, Thunderbolt 2?

    I'm about ready to consider going back to a Hackintosh, but I can't seem to find much googling... are there any setups that allow for fully functioning USB-C? And what about Thunderbolt 2? (And a side question - is there still sleep issues? I had a Hackintosh ~4 years ago, just curious...)
  15. maxiedaniels

    Now that the new Mac Pro specs are out..

    I was waiting till the new Mac Pro specs were announced to really start thinking about Hackintoshes again. I'm a composer, and the new MP's single very, very fast HD and dual GPU's will not suit my needs and are overkill. I do, however, want an extremely fast processor setup. My last...
  16. maxiedaniels

    Sonnet Tempo Pro? vs. buying new Mac Pro when it comes out...

    Curious, as the new mac Pro looks like it'll be amazing but also amazingly expensive. I realize the PCI ssd system in the Mac Pro supposedly goes up to 1250mb/s, whereas systems like the Tempo Pro SSD go to.. I think 800mb/s. But that is still fast. So, I'm wondering if the Tempo Pro SSD works...
  17. maxiedaniels

    Current state of Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 compatibility?

    When I had my Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 build last year, USB3.0 wasn't quite working right (things wouldn't power if they were plugged in to the USB3.0 ports sometimes... wasn't sure if the speed was there either). I know Thunderbolt has been on a Gigabyte board (probably more boards by now)...
  18. maxiedaniels

    Thunderbolt / USB3.0

    Curious, I know Thunderbolt is "supported" with the new Gigabyte board, and there's a "golden build" posted. But, does this mean fully supported or is this just to a certain extent? What about USB 3.0, is it fully supported yet? I ask because 6 months ago I decided to stop using my Hackintosh...
  19. maxiedaniels

    Thunderbolt / USB3.0

    Curious, I know Thunderbolt is "supported" with the new Gigabyte board, and there's a "golden build" posted. But, does this mean fully supported or is this just to a certain extent? What about USB 3.0, is it fully supported yet? I ask because 6 months ago I decided to stop using my Hackintosh...
  20. maxiedaniels

    USB Wifi that works natively? (Out of the box)

    I have a Rokland n3 wifi adapter, but the software is being very strange - on startup I have to open the software, hit rescan for it to see networks, then select the network and type in the password (on every boot).... I've also noticed that my internet has been a little bit wonky, and my system...