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  1. BoomR

    [In progress] SSDT for Thunderbolt 3 Hotplug

    Apologies... mis-fire
  2. BoomR

    Apple Thunderbolt Display + Hackintosh?

    UPDATE: That was the secret sauce - the Alpine Ridge card worked like a champ... I first connected the TB Display in Windows 10, and within a few seconds, I saw my Windows desktop. Rebooted in macOS (Mojave) and immediately saw the Clover boot screen on the TB display. Now my problem seems to...
  3. BoomR

    Apple Thunderbolt Display + Hackintosh?

    I actually downloaded the Titan Ridge driver/TB utility installer from the Gigabyte Website (vs. using the in-box CD). But I didn't think to check the firmware. I see that October FW update, so I'll try that this afternoon. I actually have the Alpine Ridge card in my Z370 build. That was...
  4. BoomR

    Apple Thunderbolt Display + Hackintosh?

    Any chance you could share your BIOS settings for the Thunderbolt card? I'm sort of struggling right now - I **know** this should work, but I'm not getting my TB display to "wake up"... Build: Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro WiFi Intel i9-9900K Processor Samsung 970 PRO NVMe M.2 – 512GB G.Skill...
  5. BoomR

    nⓩxtMac Pro - i9-9900k - Gigabyte Aorus z390 Pro - macOS Mojave - Sapphire Vega 64 Reference

    Up until now, initialization/activation in Windows is pretty much a must. I'm guessing you had success because you only used USB3-C devices. I'm working on a new build for my other half, and bought the Alpine Ridge card. I had a spare SSD & just did a quick Windows install on that drive. The...
  6. BoomR

    HELP! I need to installa GC-Titan Ridge on Mojave Hackintosh

    Make sure to get the latest driver build for Titan Ridge from GA website. The version on the in-box CD-ROM was not as current as what was on the Web (at least in my sales package). Also, the installer is very different than Alpine Ridge version, as it's pretty much a "silent' install... just a...
  7. BoomR

    Mojave (10.14.6) install halts/reboots at white splash screen

    Yes indeed - recommended BIOS/UEFI settings from the install guide, as well as a couple "lessons learned" settings from my GA-Z370 build in my signature (enabling "Above 4G Decoding" for example). Using what's installed via latest UniBeast (fakeSMC, I believe). Also using the default SM as set...
  8. BoomR

    Mojave (10.14.6) install halts/reboots at white splash screen

    Thanks for replying. And yes, I know this from previous Mojave installs I've done that there are 3-4 reboots. I apologize for not being more clear. The problem I'm having is an endless loop of reboots, with no additional progress being shown in the progress indicator. I've rebooted probably 6...
  9. BoomR

    Mojave (10.14.6) install halts/reboots at white splash screen

    Hi team! Doing a new build for "the ball & chain" - here's a list of hardware: i9-9900k Z390 Aorus Pro WiFi Sapphire Pulse RX580-8GB G.Skill TridentZ Neo DDR4-3600 - 32GB (16x2) Samsung 970 Pro NVM3 M.2 - 512GB Corsair h100i RGB Platinum cooler Built Unibeast install key with 10.14.6 (latest)...
  10. BoomR

    Mac Os Mojave installation stuck on End RandomSeed

    Is there a bios/uefi option for something like Above 4G Decoding? Getting stuck right there is usually fixed by enabling the 4G thing, plus make sure you have OsxAptioFix2Drv-free2000.efi on your install USB... it's a memory allocation error as I recall...
  11. BoomR

    BoomR's “Power UP” for 360/VR Production Build: GA-Z370 AORUS UG - i7 8700K - GA AORUS RX580

    I've not tried 10.14.6 yet...that was my plan for last weekend... but then the wheels fell off the little red wagon.... :(
  12. BoomR

    [Success] BoomR's 360/VR Production Build > GA-Z170X-DESIGNARE - i7 6700K - NVIDIA GTX 970

    Sorry if this sounds stupid, but have you tried a different mouse to eliminate a hardware issue as cause?
  13. BoomR

    DAW Tips & Tricks: Optimizing Your CustoMac Audio Workstation

    @luckyal - Thanks so much for sharing that expertise & the suggestion on the RAID controller! I may actually check into that!
  14. BoomR

    BoomR's “Power UP” for 360/VR Production Build: GA-Z370 AORUS UG - i7 8700K - GA AORUS RX580

    Well, this isn't good news. And I'm not going to have time to test this for a while, as I'm in the middle of a video edit project. FWIW... my rule of thumb has always been: Unless a new BIOS turns on features you need, or fixes things that are broken, I always simply stick with the latest...
  15. BoomR

    BoomR's “Power UP” for 360/VR Production Build: GA-Z370 AORUS UG - i7 8700K - GA AORUS RX580

    Maybe a few more details on the exact steps in your process might help us troubleshoot a little better....?? For example, after you updated to F13b, what were your immediate next steps after the system reboot upon completion of the flashing?
  16. BoomR

    Prohibited sign and couldn't allocate runtime area - need help. (Mojave)

    I think I posted this somewhere else, but set the iGPU to Auto, use latest Lilu and Whatevergreen, and noVPAJpeg kexts, and then you should be OK...
  17. BoomR

    Confirmed Audio Interfaces (Hobbyist/Pro-sumer/Pro) & Drivers - Mac OS X

    One trick that works for me with other TB devices - after POST, and while your Clover screen is counting down, press a key to halt the countdown, and *then* connect your TB device. Once you see it powered up, then press whatever key you need to for continuing boot process. it's not the most...
  18. BoomR

    BoomR's “Power UP” for 360/VR Production Build: GA-Z370 AORUS UG - i7 8700K - GA AORUS RX580

    Yes - you should have this setting enabled. This plays into the whole issue of upper memory allocation errors that cause a halt when trying to boot. I think the setting is on the Peripherals page of the BIOS for this board (and similar)
  19. BoomR

    BoomR's “Power UP” for 360/VR Production Build: GA-Z370 AORUS UG - i7 8700K - GA AORUS RX580

    +1 on noVPAjpeg. For my build, it requires all of the following so that Preview works and FCP boots: iGPA set to Auto Latest Whatevergreen Latest Lilu Latest noVPAjpeg (all kexts in Clover > Kexts > Other) My system is configured like this and all is working fine right now... FWIW...
  20. BoomR

    [SUCCESS] Intel Core i9 7920X, Gigabyte X299 Aorus Ultra Gaming, GTX 1080 Samsung 960 EVO NVMe

    For the boot loop thing, did you try checking FixShutdown in CC on the Acpi page? Also, I seem to recall a separate discussion about this issue on my Z370 AORUS and similar boards that have the LED lighting. I'll have to do some hunting on this, but there was one particular setting that caused...