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  1. ben130

    Proper Power Management/Sleep

    Unable to get sleep to properly work and also not 100% about power management, but I did build my own usb kext and dsdt and ssdt. Would appreciate some help as I'm sure its some minor ticks in clover config that i am missing. I have also begun to experiment with changing the darkwake values, but...
  2. ben130

    DVI out works, but now surface screen blacked out, touch screen still active tho.

    Does anyone know the fix to this? I have a surface pro 1, Intel hd 4000 graphics, different platform IDs seem to give me different outputs, I've tried patching the framebuffer kext and that just turned out bad in the end and I realized I don't need to do it. Anyone have any clue how I can get...
  3. ben130

    Surface Pro 1 mini dp to either dvi vga or hdmi adapter

    Hi guys, So after installing and getting full graphics acceleration on the sp1 (intel hd 4000 graphics) i found a patched appleintelframebuffercapri kext and that got video out working on all ports of the adapter (tested vga dvi and hdmi, all work) but since using this, i havent been able to get...
  4. ben130

    Mini Displayport to DVI converter

    Hi guys, So after successfully getting full graphics acceleration, I am looking to video out to an external monitor I have. I know this converter works in windows, I am using a surface pro 1 (Intel hd 4000) and am not sure how to go about getting this to properly work. Especially since older...
  5. ben130

    Mini Displayport to DVI

    Hi guys, After successfully getting full graphics acceleration on my surface pro (intel hd 4000 graphics), I would like to use a mini displayport adapter to dvi to connect my hack to a monitor. Currently, nothing happens when I plug it in. Any ideas?
  6. ben130

    Best matched system definitions for my build for imessage

    Lenovo yoga 910 i7-7500u intel hd 620 graphics 16gb ram let me know what else you might need. If anyone has had success with imessage on mojave please let me know
  7. ben130

    Hackintosh Mojave Audio

    Hi rehabman, I've posted before related to audio, but now I've realized that my problem is simply mojave is not seeing my codec at all in my ioreg and I was told that the fix for this lies in the patches of my config.plist. In high sierra I had audio working from multibeast but multibeast fails...
  8. ben130

    Apple ALC 299 patching help

    Hey guys, so after reading this guide, I am a little lost, see below I have a lenovo yoga 910 and need some help adding my codec. I have attached the codec dump for linux and just need help applying the correct patches. If anyone...
  9. ben130

    Realtek alc 299 help

    Hey guys, I am trying to use intel fb patcher for my audio but have not had any success. If anyone could help me based off my linux dunp below thatd be great! Thanks
  10. ben130

    Intel hd 620 (4k) Mojave full qe/ci help

    Hey guys, So I had full graphics acceleration on high sierra and now I have installed mojave but we are now moving to whatever green, instead of fake intel graphics, core display fix up, etc. I am trying to apply patches using the intel frame buffer patcher but I have been unsuccessful, so if...
  11. ben130

    Lenovo Yoga 910 I2c Trackpad help

    Hey guys, So now after receiving help from rehabman and others, I was able to get full graphics acceleration on i7-7500u intel hd 620 graphics. I got audio working with multibeast, and now I am trying to get the trackpad to work. If anyone has gotten the i2c to work for lenovo's, please help me...
  12. ben130

    Intel HD 620 graphics glitch with rehabman config.plist

    Hey rehabman, I have used your config.plist and gone through the process of using fake id, rebuilding cache, and then rebooting and when i reboot i get hung up here. I am trying to install mac os sierra on a lenovo yoga 910, which has i7-7500 and intel hd 620. I have attached my clover folder...