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  1. samiewami04

    Solved > RealtekRTL8111.kext update for Mojave 10.14.4?

    Was just wondering if RealtekRTL8111.kext will be updated because i used my Lan for internet the other day in Mojave 10.14.4 Beta (18E184e) and it works. I have internet via Lan Cable, but when i took out the Lan cable, my hackintosh auto restarted and i am guessing it's because the kext needs...
  2. samiewami04

    Very Hot USB 3 port

    i think from the last few latest updates of Mojave, i noticed that whenever i plug in a USB in my USB 3 port, it gets really really hot very very quickly like just a few seconds. My Sandisk ultra fit 3.0 USB after a few seconds in the USB 3 port, you can't even touch it because it's so hot. But...
  3. samiewami04

    [solved] ACPI error loop

    rehabman said in another thread that it's a rename (EC0->EC rename) issue. So how do i fix that? thanks.
  4. samiewami04

    [solved] intel HD 620 HDMI audio not working (SKL Spoof)

    HDMI video output is working perfectly. The only thing not working is HDMI Audio output. This is what I have tried using this guide 1. Enabled - rename HDAS to HDEF; and 2. Applied -...
  5. samiewami04

    Looking for USB Wifi Driver

    does anybody have a driver for tplink tl-wn823n or rtl8192eu where you can spoof the mac address? the driver provided by tp-link doesn't allow spoofing of mac address. Or does anyone know of a usb wifi adapter that allows spoofing of the mac address? i don't want to change the wifi card on my...
  6. samiewami04

    [solved] Too many corpses error?

    I did a sudo shutdown -r now because my hackintosh slowed down but when it restarted it said in verbose mode the too many corpses loop? how to fix this? thanks!
  7. samiewami04

    how to edit driver to enable mac address spoof

    i use a USB wifi for my wifi in my hackintosh, but my problem is that i can't spoof the mac address of the USB wifi. I have read in another forum in another website that it is possible to make this happen when a user said that after installing the chipset drivers made it possible to change the...
  8. samiewami04

    [SOLVED] intel HD 620 HDMI not working (no signal)

    i want to use HDMI from my hackintosh to a Samsung Smart TV. But when i plug in the HDMI to my hackintosh, it auto restarts. When i leave the HDMI cable plugged in while it reboots, it just says on the TV "no signal" and i don't get an output. thanks
  9. samiewami04

    [solved] Color Banding Issue/16 bit depth issue

    After fixing sleep via Patched EDID i am able to fix sleep but am experiencing a color banding issue/16 bit depth issue. Searching google there seems to be little available threads about it and hence this thread. For now i have found 2 threads about it in other forums but one was for AMD and the...
  10. samiewami04

    External devices becomes paper icons and not accessible 10.13.1

    for some reason external devices (USB, External HD) that are connected to my hackintosh at random times turns into paper icons and becomes inaccessible. i had to restart to get my external devices working properly again and accessible again. i installed USBinjectall kext in an attempt to fix it...
  11. samiewami04

    Can Bluetooth be Improved?

    my bluetooth is Intel. It works. It is natively supported in such a way that if it is enabled in Windows 10 (i have a dual boot system) it is also enabled in High Sierra. But i do not have the ability to turn bluetooth off or on and when my hackintosh sleeps for a long time bluetooth is still...
  12. samiewami04

    [solved] Siri not working since High Sierra 10.13.1

    since high sierra 10.13.1, Siri stopped working. when i open siri, it does not go to listening mode. it just always automatically says "sorry about that i didn't hear anything." ...from 10.13 betas to 10.13 stable that i have tried siri worked perfectly. what i have tried to fixed siri: 1...
  13. samiewami04

    [Solved] Touchpad/Trackpad Issue

    I installed voodoops2controller kext but trackpad gestures were not working and the preference pane was blank. So what i did was i installed ApplePS2SmartTouchpad.kext (on top of voodooPS2Controller.kext). After that, guestures worked and then my trackpad preference pane was no longer blank...
  14. samiewami04

    [Solved] Remapping Brightness Keys

    I don't understand the steps in this guide for brightness keys --- my brightness control in Windows is left and right arrow keys. thanks. I have brightness slider already implemented. thanks!
  15. samiewami04

    [solved] how to install/update the supplemental update

    i tried to do it once with my Acer but when i successfully updated the supplemental update, my hackintosh did not boot so i had to reinstall high sierra all over again from scratch. how do i install the supplemental update? like is there are a step-by-step guide in updating it? thanks!
  16. samiewami04

    [solved] Intel HD 620 High Sierra Sleep/Wake Problem

    (Video Above) When I put my hackintosh to sleep and wake it up, the screen will be glitchy/distorted (I don't know how to describe it.) I can still use it but I need to restart it to get the screen back to normal again. The same behaviour happens when my screen goes to time off (Display Sleep)...
  17. samiewami04

    do I still need to install Lilu.kext and IntelGraphicsFixup.kext

    Do i still need to install Lilu.kext and IntelGraphicsFixup.kext in S/L/E during post installation when I do the ig-platform-id method in enabling native support of my Intel HD620 as stated here ---...
  18. samiewami04

    high sierra slow down

    i got a high sierra beta 5 working and very fast on my brand new acer laptop. But when i updated the osx on my usb drive to beta 7 (17A352a) that i downloaded from apple, and reinstaled beta 7, my hackintosh completely slowed down. boot up time and performance are very very slow compared to beta...
  19. samiewami04

    [Solved] ALC255 Automatic Restart After Plugging Headphones

    I have a working hackintosh High Sierra beta 5 on an Acer Laptop. Graphics is working and Audio is working too except when I plug in the headphones. After some time i plug the headphones, my hackintosh automatically restarts. This happened too before when I just installed High Sierra and tried...