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  1. Jotokun

    2013 Mac Pro Announced at WWDC

    The problem is, most complaining about the lack of a PCIe slot are doing so because it likely means the GPU wont be easily or cheaply upgraded, if it even can. True, you can put one in an enclosure and connect it by Thunderbolt, but on paper TB2 doesn't have the bandwidth to properly drive one...
  2. Jotokun

    What's the oldest computer you use on a regular basis?

    My college campus has a bunch of pre-hyper threading pentium 4 machines (so roughly 2000-2004) that I use since I no longer have a decent laptop and their better Core 2 machines dont have the software I need on them. Couldn't tell you the exact specs, but I can say they're quite slow and really...
  3. Jotokun

    Decent 27" IPS Monitor

    The problem with the Korean monitors is, there's effectively no warranty. The cost of shipping the monitor back would be ridiculously high. Since the Auria and Monoprice are sold in the US by US companies, that's not an issue.
  4. Jotokun

    Decent 27" IPS Monitor

    I myself am debating between this and the Monoprice 27" for down the road. The Auria seems more future-proof since it has displayport input, but I've also heard the scaler in it has some pretty bad input lag. The Monoprice, not having a scaler, wont have that issue but it only has DVI input. And...
  5. Jotokun

    resolution on a 27inch screen

    You're understanding correctly. The imacs have 2560x1440, you only have 1920x1080. You'll have the same usable desktop space as the 21" imac. In desktops and laptops, space is dictated purely by resolution, not screen size.
  6. Jotokun

    2560x1600 Display Buying Advice

    You've pretty much got Dell and Apple. Sadly, anything affordable wont be higher than 1920x1080 because idiot consumers think "OH WOW 1080P THATS SO AWEZOME!" and give the manufactures use that as a valid reason to have a price divide. If you want something affordable, your best choice would...
  7. Jotokun

    Is an original apple mac mini (mid 2007) compatible for a hackingtosh with ML?

    My understanding was support was dropped due to the ancient intel integrated GPUs on those systems. Hackintoshing wont help the driver issue. You cant use the old drivers either, because IIRC they were 32-bit and ML requires 64-bit drivers.
  8. Jotokun

    Win7 on a PATA drive on a SATA hackintosh?

    That's because you're right. Turns out my memory was faulty, I used an old notebook SATA drive that has since died to update my bios, not a PATA drive. Wish I would have realized that before I opened up my machine, guess I'll be getting a cheap sata drive. Thanks for your time.
  9. Jotokun

    Win7 on a PATA drive on a SATA hackintosh?

    My motherboard does have a PATA connector on it, I actually used it before to update my bios. I didn't leave the drive connected though because I was concerned it might cause problems with OS X. Edit: Never mind, I'm being stupid in asking this. I've got time, I should just try it. Worst case...
  10. Jotokun

    Win7 on a PATA drive on a SATA hackintosh?

    I've been wanting to add another hard drive to my box that I could use with Windows 7, so I could do my work on OS X and gaming in Win7. Thus far I've been waiting for the price of SSDs to drop before doing this, but I found an old 320GB 7200RPM pata drive in some of my old stuff. I was...
  11. Jotokun

    Budget 27" IPS Monitors

    According to you should be good. Just make sure you use a dual-link DVI cable instead of a single-link one.
  12. Jotokun

    What does everyone do for a living? :)

    Currently a student, going to have a career as a software developer. Specifically looking at C/C++, C# and Java languages, and native applications for desktop and mobile. Web and cloud (aside from pure storage like Dropbox... and even then only kinda) hold no interest to me.
  13. Jotokun

    Post Pics of your Hack!

    Here's my build. I believe this is the first standing setup posted to the thread! Specs of the computer are in my signature, the monitors are, from left to right: -Trutech, unknown model. 19" 1440x900. Works fine, kinda low res height wise but it was a freebie. Can't believe someone was...
  14. Jotokun

    42% of PC upgraders plan to buy a Mac or iPad instead of Windows 8

    I'm not surprised... Windows 8 is the whole reason I decided to go the hackintosh route when I built my current computer. For me, its not so much the bipolar UI (although that IS a problem) as much as it is the complete lack of sideloading in notmetro, or period on WinRT. Something like...
  15. Jotokun

    What tech gifts did you guys get for Xmas 2012 ?

    Logitech MX Anywhere mouse. I previously was using its predecessor the VX Nano (best mouse ever, weighted scrolling ftw!), but it broke and I had to switch to a bluetooth mouse. Said bluetooth mouse was quite jittery, so to have a smooth cursor again is just awesome. Its just as amazing as its...
  16. Jotokun

    Do you own a real Mac?

    I DO have a real mac in my closet, but.... ...yeah, you may need to clarify before I can put this in the poll. Mine's hacked together from a few, so its maxed at at 4MB of ram, has a 1.44mb capable floppy drive and a 20mb hard disk. If I could find one of the rare ethernet expansion cards...
  17. Jotokun

    Is the ga-z77-up5 th the most compatible motherboard for osx hackintosh to date

    I have to admit that this board is the first system I built that was specifically put together with hackintoshing in mind so I may be a bit biased, but of every machine I've thrown OS X on, this was not only by far the easiest, its also the only one with literally everything working 100%...
  18. Jotokun

    GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UP5 TH Thunderbolt (Updated to 10.8.2 and MultiBeast 5.2)

    What version is your BIOS? IIRC, you need F9 or higher to turn it off.
  19. Jotokun

    Report: Intel to kill off socket CPUs with Broadwell

    I think the rumors that Broadwell is a mobile oriented chipset are accurate. We dont have anything to worry about... at least for now.
  20. Jotokun

    Budget 27" IPS Monitors

    You're not connecting it through an adapter, are you? OS X tends to be finicky with video adapters.