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  1. dodvip123

    BCM20702 Bluetooth USB problem

    I can't get my USB bluetooth [0a5c:21e8] to work. It shows up in USB devices under system information but it does not function (LED is on). It is also my active bluetooth device as shown in the bluetooth section under system information. I tried installing BrcmPatchRAM2.kext and...
  2. dodvip123

    Lid sleep issue | apple menu sleep or scheduled sleep works fine

    Whenever I try to sleep when closing the lid, the laptop screen goes off but it does not go into sleep mode (no blinking LED). When I wake the laptop by opening the lid, all USB devices stop working until a reboot. Sleep from Apple menu or scheduled sleep works fine. Problem reporting...
  3. dodvip123

    Jack sense gone after sleep

    I have an issue with my audio jack. It works before sleep but after wake up it does not work anymore, my internal speakers do work after sleep. My audio is enabled with a dummy AppleHDA (ALC269) and i'm using CodecCommander as well. I thought CodecCommander fixes this issue. Is there anything...
  4. dodvip123

    Latest macOS Sierra won't boot

    i'm trying to install the latest version of macOS Sierra (downloaded today from the app store). When i'm trying to boot the Install macOS Sierra entry i get stuck (see picture). Previous versions of Sierra installed without problems. Should i use a different SMBIOS or something?
  5. dodvip123

    Clover boot without caches option is gone

    I'm trying to install macOS Sierra with a direct update. I need to select boot without caches and with injected kexts. However this option is gone. I had this option always previously. I already tried downgrading Clover to no avail. Anyone familiair with this issue?
  6. dodvip123

    Wrong time in Windows 10 with dual boot El Capitan

    Hi I noticed that after the Anniversary Update of Windows 10 the RealTimeIsUniversal regedit fix does not work anymore. Windows 10 time 'freezes' from previous boot. Has anybody else noticed this? Any fix for this? Thanks
  7. dodvip123

    Screen sometimes off on boot - close and open lid fixes that

    Is this a common problem? Any solution for this? Thanks
  8. dodvip123

    [solved] Error allocating pages at alloc type 2

    Every time when i'm booting up my laptop i'm getting this error 3/5 times approx. when booting El Capitan. I'm using the latest version of Clover. Any fix for this?
  9. dodvip123

    [solved] Battery status with DSDT edits

    I tried following RehabMan's guide to get my battery percentage showing. I came up with these patches for my DSDT into device label H_EC code_regex DC2B,\s+16, replace_matched begin C2B0,8,C2B1,8, end; into device label H_EC code_regex FC2B,\s+16, replace_matched begin C2B2,8,C2B3,8, end; into...
  10. dodvip123

    [solved] DSDT compile error audio layout 3

    I'm trying to get audio working on my laptop. After successfully applying the brightness fix (broadwell) i tried to apply the Audio layout 3 and IRQ fix patches but it gave me this error in Maciasl: Name already exists in scope (_DSM) i don't know how to get rid of this. Can anybody help...
  11. dodvip123

    [solved] Sierra USB kernel panic

    When trying to boot Sierra USB i get this kernel panic: IMG_0386 by dodvip123 posted Oct 1, 2016 at 7:18 PM I've included my EFI. Does anyone know what the problem is? Thanks
  12. dodvip123

    Partaker G3 hackintosh possible?

    I have found a nice laptop that resembles the MacBook air pretty good. I was wondering if it could be hackintoshed. Specs: Intel i3-5005u 2.0 GHz Intel HD 5500 256GB SSD 8 GB RAM DDR3L 1920*1080 Product link:
  13. dodvip123

    [solved] Internal drives not showing in Sierra installer

    Booting into the installer is no problem. The problem is that my internal drives are not showing in Disk Utility. Does anybody know a solution? Kexts in /Other: Fakesmc, voodoops2
  14. dodvip123

    BCM9435Z Bluetooth issue

    Hi 5Ghz, bluetooth, handoff, airdrop are all working for this card but i encounter a small issue sometimes. It seems like 1 out of 5 times when the laptop wakes up from sleep, bluetooth fails. There is ~ line through the Bluetooth icon in the status bar and i have to reboot to make it work...
  15. dodvip123

    [Guide] Dell Inspiron 15 7559 (Skylake, i7-6700HQ, Intel HD 530) Using Clover

    [Guide] Dell Inspiron 15 7559 (Skylake, i7-6700HQ, Intel HD 530) This guide will show you how i did the full installation of El Capitan on this laptop (specs below). the guide will cover booting OS X with Clover UEFI. Also, the drive you will use will be wiped completely so make sure your...
  16. dodvip123

    [solved] Integrated webcam not working after wakeup from sleep

    Hi I have an issue with the integrated webcam. It is working before sleep but after wakeup from sleep it doesn't work anymore in FaceTime/Photo Booth/other camera apps. I have no issues with other USB devices after sleep. I use RehabMan's USBInjectAll.kext. Thanks in advance
  17. dodvip123

    Airdrop/5Ghz Issue after sleep/wake cycle

    Hi I installed the BCM94352Z WiFi/Bluetooth adapter in my laptop. Everything works fine (Handoff, Airdrop, 5Ghz, bluetooth...) until sleep/wake cycle. Airdrop and 5Ghz doesn't seem to work after wake. Thanks RehabMan for your great guides.
  18. dodvip123

    El Capitan won't boot when power cord is connected

    Hi Whenever i try to boot with the power cord still connected to my laptop, OS X won't boot. In verbose mode it shows only the first 2 lines and then nothing follows. I can boot just fine without the power cord. Charging and battery status works well once OS X is booted / once past those two...
  19. dodvip123

    OS X won't boot when legacy boot is completely disabled

    Hi If i disable legacy boot completely as shown in the picture (enabled there) i can't boot os x but windows does boot (Clover bootloader). It would be nice to disable it completely to have faster boot times and less text when loading the bios. Verbose mode shows only the first 2 lines of...
  20. dodvip123

    El Capitan 10.11.4 Laptop Sleep Issue

    Hi I have an issue with the sleep process of my laptop in OS X. Whenever i close the lid, the screen goes off but it doesn't go to sleep. If i reopen the lid after let's say 5 minutes, the laptop goes to sleep and then it wakes up. I have no USB devices connected. Seems like my sleep is going...