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  1. iSA08

    Solved > Can not clone Catalina EFI partition

    If you're getting the black screen with catalina, your WEG kext is out of date. Open hackintool and there you can check out of date kexts with new ones available to download. It's a frustrating process and sometime takes a while to diagnose.
  2. iSA08

    Solved > Kernel Panic in macOS Mojave and random shutdown

    Edit: I ran 'Memtest' and apparently the RAM channel was defective which caused the shut downs and panics.
  3. iSA08

    Solved > Mac keeps crashing after restoring EFI from backup

    RAM problems
  4. iSA08

    Broadcom WiFi/Bluetooth [Guide]

    Thanks for your help and I appreciate the graphics. I had plugged them in 1_3 but moving it still doesn't work. Definitely looks like the adapter is a dud. I saw somewhere else where they said it works in PCIEX1_1 as well.
  5. iSA08

    Broadcom WiFi/Bluetooth [Guide]

    Edit: Hardware problem.
  6. iSA08

    macOS 10.14.4 Update

    Failed twice and succeeded the third time. 1. Stuck on loading screen. 2. Updated clover but without customizing anything. Stuck on the randomseed thing. Booted up my clone, copied the backup EFI into my main drive and started again. 3. Updated clover but this time I customized to include...
  7. iSA08

    An iDiot's Guide To iMessage

    Thanks a lot. Worked flawlessly for 'App is damaged' problem.
  8. iSA08

    App Store Downloaded apps "Damaged and can't be opened"

    I am having the same issue here. Some apps downloaded from App Store will not open. Fantastical, Snippets Lab, Notability, Daisy Disk and Magnet aren't opening for me. All of these apps work well on my macbook pro. Edit: Solved by following the "Idiot's guide to iMessage" instructions.
  9. iSA08

    [Solved] The installer resources were not found macOS Mojave

    Also adding: - I had to use the Framebuffer program and generate a patch using the post by the program author because I was getting kernel panics from USB ports. - I also got some crashes and based on a post here, I had to change the memory profile from 'Profile 1' to 'Disabled'. It's called...
  10. iSA08

    Comment by 'iSA08' in media 'ABWB 802.11AC WI-FI With Bluetooth 4.0 PCI-E Combo'

    Ah. I found those separate for 35 and thought that was a bit much.
  11. iSA08

    Unable to boot into Unibeast thumbdrive

    That paragraph is very very difficult to read. I am going to try to remove the unrelated and isolate the problem and see if there's some help. No. Multibeast is for post installation. You have it in your drive so once you finish the installation, you can easily install the required kexts...
  12. iSA08

    Comment by 'iSA08' in media 'ABWB 802.11AC WI-FI With Bluetooth 4.0 PCI-E Combo'

    Where did you get that adapter? All the ones I am finding are seriously overpriced because of the Hackintosh market.
  13. iSA08

    UniBeast: Install macOS Mojave on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    Sell on eBay and buy a comparable Radeon one from there. Shouldn't be much difference. I upgraded mine and paid 20 bucks in total.
  14. iSA08

    UniBeast: Install macOS Mojave on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    If you need progress update, open up Activity monitor and track the process called createinstallmedia.
  15. iSA08

    [Solved] macOS could not be installed on your computer...installer resources error

    No. Also, I found out if you have a supported discrete graphics card, it's going to download full version compared to the small one. Looks like the system does some checks. I just installed RX 580 on mine and it finally downloads the full one.
  16. iSA08

    The installer resources were not found macOS Mojave

    Can you tell me how you fixed this? Thanks
  17. iSA08

    [Solved] The installer resources were not found macOS Mojave

    I've seen a thread marked as solved but it's not working for me. 1. App Store only lets me download the 15-16 MB file and there's some commands to make it work on this forum here for High Sierra but that didn't work cause I couldn't adapt it for the new file. It comes out to 2GB instead of the...
  18. iSA08

    macOS 10.13.4 Update

    Everything works great. Audio worked as well. Maybe it's because I didn't use Toleda's script in the first place. Since High Sierra, NVidia's automatic upgrades haven't worked for me. Someone posted here about a script where it chooses the best Nvidia driver for you. That fixed all the display...
  19. iSA08

    nvidia-update - Simple way to install nVidia web drivers

    Thank you so much for creating this. Worked perfectly and fixed my lag.