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  1. A.Tony

    Hackintosh works perfectly but i havent chosen a SMBIOS. Which should i choose?

    I have the following setup: Asus Z390-A i7 8700K Asus Strix Vega 56 Samsung NVME M.2 Benq EW3270U My question is, my hackintosh works almost perfectly fine exept for the JPF preview issue. Now i realized i havent chosen a SMBIOS Device yet and need help choosing one so i can fix the JPG...
  2. A.Tony

    How can i see if my Hackintosh is using the full potential of my Graphics Card?

    I have the following setup: Asus Z390-A i7 8700K Asus Strix Vega 56 Samsung NVME M.2 BenQ Ew3270U My question is, how can i see if my Vega 56 is being used correctly or if is is being used at all? Is there any way to check it? Also is there any settings i should turn on for the Vega56? I heard...
  3. A.Tony

    Solved > Hackintosh won't shutdown and doesn't wake up from sleep.

    Hello guys, i have the following setup: i7 8700K Asus Z390-A Vega 56 Samsung NVME M.2 BenQ EW3270U My problem is when I want to shutdown my mackintosh it shuts down but the screen freezes and the mackintosh itself doesn't shutdown, it keeps running so I have to manually shut it down. The...
  4. A.Tony

    I have 2 EFI Folders. How do i find out which one my Hackintosh is using? And which PLIST my Hackintosh is using?

    Question is shown above. I really dont know why i have an EFI and and an EFI2 Folder when i mount my drive. Please help:(
  5. A.Tony

    Is it possible to swap out a Motherboard without problems after making a hackintosh?

    I just recently finished my Hackintosh with the following components: Asus Z390-A i7 870pK Strix Vega 56 16Gb Ram Samsung NVME M.2 Now i hate that my hackintosh doesnt have Wifi nor Bluetooth. Can i just swap out the motherboard for one with bluetooth and wifi? Because i m worried i will have...
  6. A.Tony

    Which hardware to buy for Wifi and Bluetooth on Mojave? Please see my build.

    Hey, my build is the following and i dont know which bluetooth/wifi hardware to add: Asus Z390-A i7 8700K Stix Vega 56 Samsung Evo 970 NVME M.2 Need bluetooth for wireless keyboard, mouse, Airpods and Airdrop Thanks in advance :)
  7. A.Tony

    Whats the difference between using Bluetooth via a PCIE Card vs USB Stick?

    I‘m in need of Wifi and Bluetooth on my Mojave Machine and was wondering which hardware i need and if it wasnt easiert to just use a Bluetooth USB Stick for Bluetooth. Or whats the benefit of using a PCIE Module with both on it? My Machine: Asus Z390-A Motherboard i7 8700K Strix Vega 56 OC...
  8. A.Tony

    Mojave Post Installation: Machine doesn boot without USB Drive.

    Hey, i just installed Mojave on my machine using this tutorial: I got to the desktop of mojave but when i shut down and reboot the machine without the usb drive (and even with it) it doesnt...
  9. A.Tony

    Mojave wont install. Does somebody know what this Verbose Mode says?

    Help i m trying to install Mojave. First i had an issue where the installation would freeze after it showed 2 minutes remaining and know i m stuck even before that. The loading bar doesnt even get to that point now. Does anyone know what the Verbose mode says? Hope somebody can help:( Even the...