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  1. ER800

    Deskovery a touch of linux on mac ;)

    Hi every body, Here's a application that I discover that mimic the linux wobbly, cube... etc, Not perfect but fun try ;)
  2. ER800

    Desktop Tonymacx86

    Hello, Just for the fun... and say tx to Tonymacx86! ;) :clap: I did a desktop background (1680 x 1050) for the forum LOl :lol: thumnail-tony.jpg here the I am already wroking on a new theme "Tonymacx86 Forum in Vegas!!" lol I hope that you liked, Enjoy
  3. ER800

    Problem with ".ISO" can't mount

    Hi, Everybody! When I try to mount .iso it give me the restart screen lol! Is it my Seatbelt.kext ? I find this ... ext-t1992/ But my Kernel Version is 10.2.0 Any suggestion. Thank you in advance... :)
  4. ER800

    (solved) Installing 2 graphics cards in my hackintosh

    Hi! Everyone I got a a 9400GT PCIE 1mg + 460 GTX. I wish to boot with 3 monitors 8-) Anybody with a good tutorial to install and boot with two graphics cards because right now I just have "Kernel panic" at startup Salutations! ///////////////////////////////////////////
  5. ER800

    Flashing BIOS on GA-P55M-UD2

    Hi Tony! Firts of all thank-you for you fantastic guide and wish that the forum "Live long and Prosper" :D So here is my question: I installed Snow Leopard with your guide: (Install OS X Snow Leopard Directly from Retail DVD Using Chameleon Boot CD for P55 Motherboards) But I did not flash...