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  1. MidnightX

    OS X Installers Downloaded before Feb. 14, 2016 No Longer Work

    It might effect people who have their using the newest update if you are not using the newest update.
  2. MidnightX

    Mac Pro (late 2013) replica

    That looks cool but I wouldn't trust it my self. The idea behind it looks cool but I prefer to lift a cover off instead of opening a door. It would not feel much like a Late 2013 Mac Pro replica in that case.
  3. MidnightX

    What Monitor or Display Do You Use?

    I currently have a 21.3" VE228 monitor that is dying that I am replacing with 3 21.5" Monitors
  4. MidnightX

    Mac Pro (late 2013) replica

    Hey guys. I was looking at doing this my self but I found a couple trash cans that could work. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT THE MEASUREMENTS COULD BE WRONG DUE TO THE SOURCE SPEC POSTING. MEZZO CAN CHAMPAGNE BLACK 10L Height - 11.7" Wide - 9.04" or 5L Mini Sway Can Pewter This one will need...
  5. MidnightX

    Hackintosh Stable enough for Business use ?

    When I built my Hackintosh I thought it was going to be unstable here and there but I have not had a single kernal panic or any thing with my build. I edit and record videos on my Hackinosh to a point I feel that it is stable enough to spend the money on Final Cut Pro X from iMovie.
  6. MidnightX

    Why is Apple making it so easy to run OS X on non apple machines?

    I watched a WWDC video (I can't remember the year) that Apple made the move to Intel CPUs simply because they got more performance per watt then the Power PC chip they used. As long as Apple sticks with Intel CPUs it will be as easy or might get easier to run Mac OS on Intel systems. The short...
  7. MidnightX

    Cloning a new Mac Drive without booting it up first

    Hi. First of all I would like to say I am sorry if this is posted in the wrong section but it does seem like a Mac OS question. I was wondering if there is a way to clone a new Mac's OS drive without booting it up for the first time? I want to get a friend his first Mac that is the Mac Mini...
  8. MidnightX

    First Time Build (Aiming for $300 to $400)

    I thought I would take the time to do a post not only to let everyone know 2 things and ask 1 question. - I have uploaded 2 screen shots to the main post that are benchmarks to give you a better idea how it - The day I made this topic is when I buil my Hackintosh been using it since then. I am...
  9. MidnightX

    My first hackintosh... will it work?

    No. iGPUs are not made to game on. Like I already said you need a dedicated GPU. Intel HD Graphics are complete garbage.
  10. MidnightX

    My first hackintosh... will it work?

    I agree about going with Gigabyte motherboard. I have seen others use Asus to but I can only say Gigabyte works the best. For the ram I would look for one that has a heatsink on them to help get the heat away from the chips. For the GPU it depends what you play to do on the build. If you are...
  11. MidnightX

    Mount of outer dmg failed

    That worked to make a bootable USB drive! I had El Capitan Installed and its way to buggy for my hardware. :( The show hidden file command is wrong but I did find the correct one.
  12. MidnightX

    Mount of outer dmg failed can I use my Mac Mini?

    I tried mounting the El Capitan installer using this sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ Capitan\ Public\ --volume /Volumes/Untitled --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ Capitan\ Public\ --nointeraction But every time it...
  13. MidnightX

    Mount of outer dmg failed can I use my Mac Mini?

    I have tried a bunch of times with new downloads and different USB thumb drives but nothing lets me mount the El Capitan OS to it. Is there a way that I can use my Mac Mini to install the OS and stuff needed to run on my Hackintosh?
  14. MidnightX

    Late 2014 Mac Mini Wifi to SSD question

    I was wondering if its possible to replace the Late 2014 Mac Mini's Wifi card with a Macbook Pro SSD. They look like the same interface is being used but I don't have a Macbook Pro I found this Transcend JetDrive 520 SSD that I want to know if I can use that instead of the Wifi slot.
  15. MidnightX

    Mount of outer dmg failed

    I am trying this right now. I have never had this kind of problem trying to make a bootable USB of Mac OS till now. I only get my Mac OS from the Apple Store. I will let you know how that works. I've only downloaded it from the App store for the 2nd time after it failed the first few trys.
  16. MidnightX

    OS X El Capitan Public Beta 2 is Now Available

    Is anyone able to make a bootable USB for El Capitan Beta? Every time I try I seem to get a error.
  17. MidnightX

    Paint job question

    Paint Question Does anyone know the 2 different kinds of paint that I would need to get around the same colour as the Late 2013 Mac Pro? Sorry in advanced if this is posted in the wrong spot but this seems to fall under this area.
  18. MidnightX

    Introducing the El Capitan Critter!

    Very nice job and I have to say it is very fitting. :)
  19. MidnightX

    How Long Have You Been Using OS X?

    None of those fit. I've been running Mac OS X since 10.10.1
  20. MidnightX

    Profile "First version of OS X that you built a Hackintosh with." Needs update

    I went to edit my Profile and was going to enter the "First version of OS X that you built a Hackintosh with." but the highest option that is offered is 10.9.1. Mine was 10.10.1 so it could use a update to the version of Mac OS.