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  1. mandy11783

    Locked my Probook

    Please help I also got stupid to lock my computer from iCloud. Now i am not able to boot directly from the boot drive. But am able to boot from the recovery drive normally. I tried to go to singleuser mode on both drive options but in the local harddrive it is not booting anyways. I am not...
  2. mandy11783


    Hi RehabMan Sorry to bother you again, Please let me know what all do I need to do(as in Config.plist or Kexts etc) if i want to upgrade my LED from 1366x768 to full HD 1920x1080? Do i need to do that before or after upgrade? Thanks and Regards
  3. mandy11783

    Few issues post install

    Few issues post Update to Yosemite First of all I would like to thank nguyenmac and Rehabman for their great effort on guiding us to install(UPDATE) the new Yosemite on my Probook. Its a great effort. I have successfully installed Yosemite and have 2 issues after install(Updating from...
  4. mandy11783

    AR5B195 bluetooth issue - Enabled but not detecting any Devices.

    My Bluetooth device is enabled in maverick 10.9.4, but doesn't show any devices. It is not even searchable from my iPhone. Wifi from the same card is working perfectly. Please help
  5. mandy11783

    AR5B195 not detecting any bluetooth or Wifi

    I had this model of card working and suddenly it is not detecting any wifi or bluetooth. It is being detected by the OS without any problems, but i am not able to detect any wifi networks or bluetooth devices. Can anyone help me with this?
  6. mandy11783

    Suggest me the best laptop for MacOSx

    Please le me know the best laptop for running macosx out of the box, currently i am using HP Probook 4530s with i5 processor.