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  1. Voix

    Enable resolution in nvidia GT 740 SC in El Capitan

    Hello, I have installed everything in El Capitan 10.11.3 including the nvidia web driver it does detect the graphics and acceleration but it doesn't display the full resolution of my monitor of 1920x1080 it only detects 1280x1024 how can I fix this? The GPU is connected using dvi-i to VGA...
  2. Voix

    How to enable 1080p in Nvidia GF 740

    How to enable full resolution in Nvidia GT 740 Hello I have successfully installed El Capitan 10.11.4 with my new EVGA Geforce GT 740SC 2GB DDR3 used multi beast and installed the latest nvidia driver but I don't get 1080p resolution any help on this? maybe I should edit the .plist? thanks.
  3. Voix

    Enable Intel HD 4600 graphics

    Motherboard: GA-Z97-HD3 CPU: i5 4690k Yosemite 10.10.5 Hello, I've been trying to install the inboard graphics for the i5 4690k Intel HD 4600 but no luck I am stuck with only 7mb of VRam. Any suggestions? I have tried using boot flags as GraphicsEnabler=Yes and such but no luck also...
  4. Voix

    Can't Boot Yosemite with Bootflags

    Hello I am having trouble trying to install Yosemite. I have spent all day trying to do this but I am not able to this is my hardware: Motherboard: GIGABYTE Z97-HD3 CPU: I5 4690k It shows up as Waiting For Root Device. Any help is appreciated thanks.