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  1. maclover95

    [Guide] MSI GS65 STEALTH THIN 8RF Mojave

    OLD and Outdated post... It'S From February kinda broken to...
  2. maclover95

    Options for Laptops with CNVi WiFi Cards (MSI GS65, MSI P65 Creator (8RF))

    it will work if you force NVIDIA from bios same way you can force Intel only this laptop has Open bios holing right shift control alt and F2 when you are in bios will show all options and in system magment are GPU options i would say read a lot before making changes to the open bios it may kill...
  3. maclover95

    Options for Laptops with CNVi WiFi Cards (MSI GS65, MSI P65 Creator (8RF))

    it works BCM4352 Also Bios on GS has full unlock many users don't know that you can configure it any way you like Basically everything works audio and brightness included none of the video ports work cause they are Nvidia..
  4. maclover95

    macOS 10.14.6 Update

    My GS65 Updated without any issues everything works
  5. maclover95

    [Guide] MSI GS65 STEALTH THIN 8RF Mojave

    This config is pure cancer it only boots the installer same laptop same wifi key info missing Broken and so wrong this post this laptop has unlocked bios and you can change the GPUs from Bios to ether SGC or IGFX OR even D-GPU only... ON top of that this config is broken as hell nothing in it...
  6. maclover95

    MacOS Mojave: Light Mode or Dark Mode?

    Dark mode Because its easy on the eyes and good for long night working white takes your eyes in few hours...
  7. maclover95

    An iDiot's Guide To Lilu and its Plug-ins

    Very Nice guide..
  8. maclover95

    [Release] Hackintool v2.8.6

    Is this for desktops only or laptops as well ?
  9. maclover95

    macOS 10.14.1 Update

    Yeah but that is not the case it dose not work on HFS Mojave It has to be installed on APFS so you can update does not matter I use hfs because of less problems with my SSD drives ..
  10. maclover95

    macOS 10.14.1 Update

    Not perfect the new dmg stand alone asks for APFS, why am I not supriced... so what should I run new install over the app and convert APFS?
  11. maclover95

    Apple Introduces New MacBook Air and Mac Mini

    Nice but to expensive, it´s not worth it because you can buy an i7k hackintosh build with GTX or AMD card and its gonna be twice as fast or even more, and the air nothing airing about it feels like base 13 inch Macbook pro without touch bar, and that price of 1100$ is not ok and i7 laptop with...
  12. maclover95

    MSI GS63VR 7RF Mojave HD630 31mb problem

    About the 14,3 - 14,1 This should not be that big of deal i never really undarstand what does this effect exactly.. But about HD630, It should work natively even without id As long as you clear GFX and Have Right DVMT i think is 128mb for 4k not sure about it , You should also have Disable GFX...
  13. maclover95

    Slow Boot time with Samsung 960 Evo NVME?

    Getting Similar problem on both high Sierra and Mojave its been a while it was only common on APFS now also on HFS I did try two different NVME drives I used Samsung 960EVO I originally had heard this have problematic firmware but is not this the case I got one new 970 Evo from my work to check...
  14. maclover95

    So I have been using macOS 10.14 And get kernel panic

    I need to fix this it has become even worse now it wiped my EFI and it is only possible to boot from usb something is supper wrong I don't know what it is it started happening after 10.13.6 after I wanted to update clover to R4617 then things went wrong, I did just finish the cpu pm but I can't...
  15. maclover95

    So I have been using macOS 10.14 And get kernel panic

    I followed your guide on using the tool gen_deburg hope that Is right
  16. maclover95

    So I have been using macOS 10.14 And get kernel panic

    Wait I will send them I also get this from time to time panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff7f9f573c1d): "DSMOS: SMC returned incorrect key...