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  1. derpuma

    Replace GeForce GTX 285 with 750 Ti...

    Hey guys, I am thinking about a replacement of my Graphics Card. As you can see in the screenshot i am running a Intel Core i5 4670K 4x 3.40GHz CPU overlocked to 4.2 GHz. As GPU a Nvidia GTX2 285. I am doing heavy web development, graphics design and some video editing with my system...
  2. derpuma

    Yosemite OSX86 Cloning to Macbook Pro Retina

    [solved] Yosemite OSX86 Cloning to Macbook Pro Retina Is it possible to get a 10.10 OSX86 System over to a Macbook Pro Retina? I though about a timemachine cloning from OSX86 to the Macbook Pro with has 10.9 on it right now. Will this work? I would delete all the OSX86 kext from the TM...
  3. derpuma

    ASUS P6T6 WS Revolution - I am looking for new kexts 10.9

    ASUS P6T6 WS Revolution - I am looking for new kexts 10.9 Mavericks I would like to upgrade to Mavericks looking for some new kexts for my ASUS P6T6 WS Revolution. Anyone tried this board yet? It would be great to get the kexts for audio, lan, etc... also dsdt... BR, derpuma
  4. derpuma

    Where are my PM sent?

    hi there wondering that i wrote a couple of PMs but I do not see them under sent messages! is there a problem? br, derpuma
  5. derpuma

    New Ivy Mainboard for a new Hacky... Thunderbolt? Yes or No?

    How about thunderbolt? Will this be an option on the number of PC Boards wich came out with an interface? Maybe in Mountain Lion? So is it worth to spend more money to be able to have thunderbolt in near future? Is there any Information out if the chipset on the available boards will be...
  6. derpuma

    Boot times with Chimera Graphicsenabler=Yes

    One quick question. I replaced chameleon with chimera 1.10 to get a 9600gt and a 285 gtx dual gfx setup. Everything is fine, both cards detected and working. Only thing is that rhe boot time into osx lion went from 35 seconds to almost 110 seconds. Is this caused by gfx detection in graphics...
  7. derpuma

    XFX Radeon HD 6870 900M

    Any Help for my XFX Radeon HD 6870 900M to Setup? It has 2xDVI, 2x mDP, 1x HDMI Do you know witch frambuffer personality i should use? After Effects CS6 crashes caused by Graphics incompatibility... Help would be nice. I tried with 4 and 5 Ports and Duckweed Seeting wit GraphicsEnabler=Yes...
  8. derpuma

    Help in DSDT Editing for Dual NVIDIA 9600 GT

    Hey there, might need some help to get my DSDT fixed for 10.6.8 to run with my 2x 9600GT. I did a DSDT fix postet in 38.Double Nvidia hack.dsl in DSDTSE Software.# So far so good! But only one monitor works: I have the following PciRoots for my 2 Graphic Cards...
  9. derpuma

    Any help for an ASUS WS Revolution P6T6

    Do i have to have a new DSDT for Lion or should the old Snow Leo DSDT also work on Lion? Help would be nice. I would like to do my first Installation on Lion this weekend! If anyone deals with lion and the same board... any help is welcome! BR, derpuma