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  1. iSA08

    Solved > Kernel Panic in macOS Mojave and random shutdown

    Edit: I ran 'Memtest' and apparently the RAM channel was defective which caused the shut downs and panics.
  2. iSA08

    Solved > Mac keeps crashing after restoring EFI from backup

    RAM problems
  3. iSA08

    [Solved] The installer resources were not found macOS Mojave

    I've seen a thread marked as solved but it's not working for me. 1. App Store only lets me download the 15-16 MB file and there's some commands to make it work on this forum here for High Sierra but that didn't work cause I couldn't adapt it for the new file. It comes out to 2GB instead of the...
  4. iSA08

    [SOLVED] High Sierra clean install problem reaching the installer

    I have followed all the steps in the installation guide but nothing is working. I tried booting using verbose but all I get is Service exited with abnormal code: 1 after a bunch of architecture not recognized. I had working High Sierra using clover before and I am able to reclone it but I want a...
  5. iSA08

    Can only run HS using my USB installer thumb drive

    So I've done a install using Clover. HFS does show in my MultiBeast options, but the OS doesn't load through it. I have to navigate to Clover on my flash drive to use the options there to boot into Sierra. How do I solve this so I can remove my bootable drive?
  6. iSA08

    Unable to wake up CustoMac from sleep. Restarting is the only option.

    Once in a while when I am away from the Mac, it goes on a deep sleep and none of the key presses or mouse clicks will wake it up. The only option I have is a force restart which is not ideal. Is this a known problem or can I fix it? I was thinking about setting up screensaver. Thanks.
  7. iSA08

    Can I use RM750x instead of recommended RM650x

    Hi there, Just like I stated in my previous post, I am just following the build stuff for customac pro. I am not a hardware guy so I don't know the significance of PSU especially in that build. In the list only one PSU is listed which is the Corsair 650x. I am thinking the higher voltage is just...
  8. iSA08

    Graphics card recommendation for the customac pro build

    So I am just trying to follow the list to build the hackintosh but I am unable to find a graphics card on that list that is actually available. They all seem to be out of stock or just price gouged on amazon. What is the best value (performance) that I can use? Thanks.