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  1. Ryan Thomas

    Dual RX580, X79 not booting!

    Hi Guys Wonder if you can help I have a X79-UP4, 1000w PSU, and two XFX RX580's, there are two PCI 16x slots on this board, and both cards work in both slots individually. also tried the 8x slots with the same result. So both cards work, all the slots work. BUT!! I cannot get them to work...
  2. Ryan Thomas

    CPU Multiplier OC Not working after Clover update?

    Hi Clever People Hope you can help System is X79 4930k Clover 4586, 4,2ghz OC Windows works, Bios says 4,2ghz On my current boot disk, everything is working, HWMonitor sees a 4,2 OC HS & Mojave 10.14.3 are fine. Copied & Updated Clover/EFI on a new drive to get 10.14.4 working and OC is not...
  3. Ryan Thomas

    GPU Identified as "Broadcom BME###)

    HI Guys Funny one. I updated clover and my RX580 is now a "Broadcom BCM94352HBM 802.11 AC 867 Mbps Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Network Adapter 8192 MB graphics" Does not seem to affect the performance, but I am OCD and would like to get My RX580 Back :D
  4. Ryan Thomas

    AMD GPU with Socket 2011

    I have a fully working socket 2011 hack with a GTX Nvidia GPU. (actually be in use for over 5 years!!) I want to explore the possibility of more power for FCPX by using an AMD GPU. Perhaps a Nvidia 740 helper card with the AMD GPU as the main GPU. Anyone Tried this? or have this setup?
  5. Ryan Thomas

    Help! Help!

    Long story short! A friends iMac died and we need a new hack. Would greatly appreciate some buying advise Do we 1 - get a 170 series with the 6700k 2 - get a 270 series with the 6700k. (GA-Z270X-HD3P) 2 - get a 270 series with the 7700k I was initially thinking the new motherboard with the...
  6. Ryan Thomas


    Hi Guys I have a fully working chimera Yosemite system and it was easy to get it to work. I have clover installed on a new drive with El-Cap, I cloned a clean el-cap from my mac and installed clover with all the goods. When booting off the clover drive I keep getting KP with the flag...
  7. Ryan Thomas

    How To Change Hardware UUID?

    Hi Guys I built an ML Hack using the X79-UP4, i7-3820 ect..., Multibeast 5xx It worked very well so 4 of my friends wanted one as well. The problem now is we all have the exact same hardware uuid, I have searched the site and tried a few things but no success. How do I change the...
  8. Ryan Thomas

    X79-UD5 is EOL? What board to get instead?

    I was placing an order for my new hack and was told the X79-UD5 is EOL?? They told me the GA-X79S-UP5-WIFI was the replacement, or the GA-X79-UP4 Will this work??? anyone tested this?