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  1. maclover95

    So I have been using macOS 10.14 And get kernel panic

    So far so good no problems to be complaining about except this small bug that I can't figure out Even APFS works better no but sometimes when I try to mount my Clover EFI partition my laptop will freeze it Spin a bit Then restart and I will get this kernel panic!? Now I know that is NVME related...
  2. maclover95

    Updating Clover to R4617 Came with wiping my EFI ? DontStealMacOS-27

    Anonymous UUID: B2DE9842-C331-2124-C828-A6B188A4F14E Wed Jul 25 08:51:58 2018 *** Panic Report *** panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff7f9e094bd0): "DSMOS: SMC returned incorrect key...
  3. maclover95

    DW1560 No wifi no Bluethoth

    I just got my DW1560 and it works in windows both wifi and bluetooth but in Mac OS Sierra nothing even after installing latest kext and adding all patches need it no Bluetooth no wifi they don't even show up in settings its really annoying all reddy can someone help me ?
  4. maclover95

    Wifi card Help

    So I have been using my usb wifi and my usb bluetooth on my 1600 euro laptop only because I was lazy to get a real card the laptop originally came with qualcomm atheros qca61x4a horrible I know even Bluetooth docent work on this stupid card anyway I did order one great card that I read is great...
  5. maclover95

    [solved] HD630 mobile cosmetics in about my Mac. Intel Unknown 1536 MB

    So this is not important is just a small question.. So I Have a laptop with HD630 mobile and graphics work perfectly fine but the cosmetics are wrong it shows Intel Unknown 1536 MB but it is supposed to be HD630 I know for a fact that this can be fixed with add properties but I haven seen any...
  6. maclover95

    HP Envy X2 HDD not present in installer

    hi i got new Hp envy x2 and i am able to boot el capitan ok but when i go to disk utility to format the hard drive the hard drive dosent show at all i am able to see only the usb stick partition any idea what i can do the tabled is bordwell core m cpu the same cpu like in macbook and the...
  7. maclover95

    Nvidia GTX9xx mobile serries no drivers

    Hello every one now i am using OS X from long time on non Apple Hardware and i love to Work with osx is nice and easy but most of laptops i use are optimuss and for intel has a lot drivers but for the New Nvidia 900m serries i dont find anywhere kext or drivers so i write to Nvidia to make...
  8. maclover95

    NVIDIA Drivers for Laptops?

    Hello i have fully working OS X laptop and i have nvidia gtx950m she is off for now and my question is do Nvidia will ralese some graphics drivers for mobile nvidia Gpu like 950m 960m 970m 980m or not soon thanks for the info .Great post :clap::clap: