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  1. Gogen

    [SUCCESS] Yosemite to Sierra - Asus Sabertooth X79 (10.13.6)

    Hi! I don't know what is the use you want to give to your X79 setup. But if I were you I probably would choose another build more up to date. Personally I'm just waiting two or three new generations of chipsets and macOS versions to build a new Hackintosh all new. Meanwhile I'm still doing my...
  2. Gogen

    Name the Next macOS (10.15)

    Gran Canyon? EL Dorado? Sequoia? Joshua Tree? I don´t know...
  3. Gogen

    [SUCCESS] Yosemite to Sierra - Asus Sabertooth X79 (10.13.6)

    I'm not an expert at all but I think the most far you can go with this Sabertooth X79 config is to High Sierra. As well as NVIDIA graphic cards are no longer supported by Mojave and there are no alternate drives for them. So... You can step up to Hagh Sierra but I suspect that would be better to...
  4. Gogen

    [SUCCESS] Yosemite to Sierra - Asus Sabertooth X79 (10.13.6)

    Ok...Now I have a problem that maybe is related to the last changes. Two of my disk drives are missing. They're not launching anymore. They even appear in the BIOS. Is there any chance that making those tweaks to enable audio could have disable something related to the Marvell PCIe 9128...
  5. Gogen

    [SUCCESS] Yosemite to Sierra - Asus Sabertooth X79 (10.13.6)

    Gonna give it a try soon... Thanks!
  6. Gogen

    [SUCCESS] Yosemite to Sierra - Asus Sabertooth X79 (10.13.6)

    Oh my God! I'm almost crying!!! Now I've got sound thanks to you! :clap::headbang: I've been almost a year muted and now I'm listening! Thanks! This forum rocks!
  7. Gogen

    [SUCCESS] Yosemite to Sierra - Asus Sabertooth X79 (10.13.6)

    What audio interface are you using?
  8. Gogen

    DSDT for Asus sabertooth X79

    Hi, loganlo. You have a very similar build than mine. I'm thinking on update from Sierra to High Sierra. How is your experience with High Sierra on Sabertooth X79? Is it all working? Thanks in advance for you answer.
  9. Gogen

    [SUCCESS] Yosemite to Sierra - Asus Sabertooth X79 (10.13.6)

    Hey! It´s good to know that exists more of us dealing with this MOBO. I tried the method on the video you recomended but I still have no sound. I don´t know what I´m doing wrong or what. I´m thinking on giving up and buy an external solution... Thanks anyway. If you have any improvement on...
  10. Gogen

    [SUCCESS] Yosemite to Sierra - Asus Sabertooth X79 (10.13.6)

    Thank you very much for your reply. I'm not an expert of any kind on this subject mentioned that the USB issue is due to the SMBIOS 14.2. What about changing that to other model with more USB ports and 3.0 and such... Do you think that could work or just could make things go worse?
  11. Gogen

    Asus Sabertooth X79 No Audio at all

    Hi. I could install macOS Sierra successfully on my Asus Sabertooth X79 build (quite old right now). But I couldn't make audio work. I would apreaciate any help. Thank you very much.
  12. Gogen

    [SUCCESS] Yosemite to Sierra - Asus Sabertooth X79 (10.13.6)

    First of all, thank you very much, dnovosad. I've successfully installed macOS Sierra on my computer thanks to this detailed post. But I'm having some issues, and I hope you can help me. I couldn't make my USB 3 work, and I have no audio at all. And something curious: In "About this Mac"...
  13. Gogen

    Adobe Premiere CC Enable CUDA

    Thank you very much for this!:D
  14. Gogen

    [SOLVED] Valid DVD Drive could not be found -70012 - Mountain Lion

    I've got a PIONEER BD-RW BDR-208D. I've applied the DVDPlayback.framework (patched). Before that the system was totally unrecognizable. Now it appears on the System Info. But when I put a DVD disk inside the Apple DVD player doesn't find any "Valid DVD unit". Anyone could help me on this...