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  1. adiaz

    New Mac Gray Kybd and OS Mavericks??

    Hello! Has anyone tried using the newest Mac Dark Gray keyboard with a OS Mavericks Hack? My installed wifi/Bluetooth LE 4 card has shown no issues working with other brand devices. Anyone know? Thanks!!
  2. adiaz

    GPU w/2-DP1.2 or HDMI2.0

    Hello! I’ve been using an Nvidia GTX 770 2GB in my 10.9.5 hack without issues for the last few years. Only problem is it only has one DP1.2 port for 4K @60Hz. It’s HDMI port only does 4K @30Hz. Is there any GPU with either two DP1.2 ports or HDMI 2.0 ports compatible with 10.9.5 out of the box...
  3. adiaz

    Any way to "lock" 3rd party menu icons in their position in menu bar??

    Hello! I have a few 3rd party menu icon items in my Finder menu bar(right side) which constantly change their arrangement position each time I restart/reboot. I think this causes different startup behaviors. Is there anyway to lock/maintain their arrangement positions in the menu bar?? Thanks...
  4. adiaz

    Is This Hardware RAID Working?

    Hello! My Hack’s motherboard has a open half size mini PCIe slot on it so I purchased a RAID controller SATA 3 card for it. It’s on board driver is the AS Media 1061R. I connected to SSD’s to it and booted up chose Contol R. This allowed me to set the two disks as RAID 0. After this I...
  5. adiaz

    Info needed for RAID 0

    Hello! I’d like to try a two SSD RAID 0 for storing audio samples(non-OS) so I went ahead an ordered a PCIe dual SATA RAID Controller card. What I need to know is do I need to setup the RAID in the BIOS and then in Disk Utilities or is it just one or the other? Thanks!!
  6. adiaz

    Is SYBA SI-MPE40095 OS X compatible?

    Hello! I have an available half size mini PCIe slot on my motherboard. I came across this sata raid expander/controller card and was wondering if it might be recognized in Mac OS X. It allows for adding two more SSDs/HDDs and for raid 0,1 support. Thanks in advance!!
  7. adiaz

    Both LAN ports showing “Connected” but only one plugged in

    Hello! I just noticed that in System Preferences under “Network” it’s showing that both LAN ports are connected but only one physically is. The connected LAN port is connected to an Ethernet controller mixer. I’m using WiFi for internet. I’ve had the second port connected to an internet modem...
  8. adiaz

    Spinning gear during boot taking longer than usual

    Hello! For whatever reason, my Hack has gone from two reliable complete gear spins during boot to now around four to six. System has been running great for months with zero change. The only thing I did differently a few days ago was download/install Prime95, a CPU frequency testing program...
  9. adiaz

    HW Monitor 6.9.1315 update error

    Hello! My OS is 10.9.5 and HW Monitor is 6.9.1315. When I select to “Update” it immediately comes back with an error message about how it’s unable to update and to try later. Well I’ve tried for several days and it still doesn’t update. What’s the current version of HW Monitor for Mavericks and...
  10. adiaz

    Is manual fan control built into HW Monitor?

    Hello! I have HW Monitor installed and running. After doing an online search I found that it’s possible to control individual fan speeds via the HW Monitor drop down menu by hovering over Fan Speeds. Unfortunately this isn’t working for me so I’m wondering if there is something more to it...
  11. adiaz

    Issue with Nvidia GTX 770 and 4K Display that sleeps

    Hello! I’ve got a Mavericks 10.9.5 Hack(Chimera) with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 2GB GPU. I’m currently using the latest Nvidia driver although I have tried it with the native driver. My only real issue is that my 4K UHD display(Seiki Pro 40”) sleeps so when I boot up my Hack, by the time the...
  12. adiaz

    CPU Core Voltage dropping

    Hello! I just finished rebuilding/reinstalling my Mavericks hack due to data corruption issue. I located the culprit in being some of its ram. I picked up a new SSD drive and reinstalled the OS and other software. Now I’m seeing a drop in the CPU Core voltage in comparison to before. Also, I...
  13. adiaz

    Three year old Hack suddenly having freezing issues

    Hello! My three year old hack started having issues about two weeks ago. By issues I mean I noticed using a browser(Safari, Chrome) would eventually start causing page refresh/reloads, running Disk Utility to repair permissions would freeze in the process or say it couldn't repair disk. No...
  14. adiaz

    Browsers reloading and freezing issues

    Hello! Until this past weekend, I’ve had a very stable Mavericks 10.9.5 Hackintosh. This past weekend, I let it sit idle for a few hours and upon returning to it I noticed that using a browser(either Safari 9.1.3 or Chrome) will cause sudden issues of websites suddenly reloading sometimes until...
  15. adiaz

    [Solved] Can't get external USB 3.0 Mercury Elite Pro hard drive to mount

    Hello, I've got an external Mercury Elite Pro HDD with USB 3.0 and FW 800 ports. My Hack has two USB 3 ports on rear and two on front panel. I went ahead and attached the external drive to my Hack via USB 3.0 cable, turned on the drive and then turned on the Hack. When it arrives to the...
  16. adiaz

    System Profiler doesn't show PCIe cards in Expansion Chassis

    Hello, I just purchased a 3-slot PCIe to PCIe chassis to expand my DSP needs on my Hack. The cards are working fine as the chassis does not require any drivers. Only thing is that when I look at PCI under System Profiler, it says there are no cards installed. Is there a way to have System...
  17. adiaz

    Question concerning nvda_drv=1 in org.chameleon.Boot.plist

    Hello, I just noticed that the way "nvda_drv=1 appears in my Boot.plist, it has a space in front. This is how it appears: <string> nvda_drv=1</string> Should there be a space between <string> and nvda or should it be <string>nvda_drv=1</string> Does it make a difference either way? Thanks...
  18. adiaz

    Will installing SATA Optical drive affect boot up time?

    Hello, I'm considering adding an optical drive to my Mavericks Hack but am curious as to whether it will noticeably affect to boot up time. Thanks in advance!!
  19. adiaz

    HW Monitor shows CPU Core at 1.616 V for i7 3770. Should I be concerned?

    Hello, First off, this reading has ranged anywhere from 1.632 V to 1.608 V since I built my Hack 2 years ago. This system is not over clocked. Should I be concerned with these readings? I'm running Mac OS 10.9.5. Thanks in advance!!
  20. adiaz

    [Solved] How do I fix "progress bar" during boot on OS 10.9.5

    Hello! I was forced to erase my main system SSD drive and use a CCC SATA clone drive to restore the system drive. I had to reinstall the Chimera boot loader as well. Now it seems like I'm getting more frequent "progress bar" instances during boot. This wasn't the case prior to the restore of...