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  1. bugsb

    [RELEASE]: SleepOnLowBattery (“SOLB”)

    SleepOnLowBattery (“SOLB”) by BugsB, based on a script by Toggi3 * + more code snippets from the www For those of us whose HackBook/ MacBook does not go to into power saving mode automatically on very low battery but just powers down coldly: “SOLB”, a small and low load footprint AppleScript...
  2. bugsb

    High Sierra 10.13.x compatible USB ethernet adapters

    Hi fellow hackintoshers. Can we list adapters here, please? Best please use below as your template: adapter brand and model name: adapter USB type: 2.0/ 3.0 / 3.1 | A/ B/ C adapter LAN speed type: 10/ 100/ 1000 link to product (if permitted by forum software): verified by myself OR link to...
  3. bugsb

    Need MultiBeast 3.3 - would s.b. please provide a link?

    either existing link to MB 3.3, or upload (after finding it on your HD)? I need exactly v. 3.3 because of specific bootloader and graphics kexts. No, current MB 3.8 does NOT work for me. In general, Tony, I *strongly* recommend an expansion of MB which I think is beyond overdue: I understand in...