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  1. JohnMacDoe

    Can't boot installer using clover and createmediainstall (Lenovo Ideapad 13IKB)

    I used this guide to make a bootable mac os high sierra usb installer Lenovo Ideapad 320S-13IKB i7-8550 512 gb M.2 PCie SSD intel uhd 620 I didn't touch the config.plist of clover. I'm trying to...
  2. JohnMacDoe

    gIOScreenLockState 3 on intel hd 520

    After a year of using my hackintoshed laptop. I get this suddenly. What could be the cause? specs Hp Pavilion x360 i3-6100 intel hd 520 500 gb HDD 12 gb ram
  3. JohnMacDoe

    Need some input on laptop for High Sierra installation

    Hi guys, its been a while since my last hackintosh. Planning to get this laptop for my next one. LENOVO IDEAPAD 320s-13ikb CPU: I7-8550U; Office Desktop ONBORADRAM: 8G DDR4 2400 ONBOARD SSD: 512G M.2 PCIE Screen: 13.3 FHD IPS WLAN: WIFI 1X1 AC+BT4.1 GRAPHICS: intel hd 620 Will there be a...
  4. JohnMacDoe

    Your device or computer could not be verified. Wifi dongle, no ethernet.

    Anyway I can make this work without supported wifi adapter, and ethernet? I've been looking around but couldn't find solution that fits for my case. I have HP Pavillion x360: i3 6100u 12 gb ram intel hd 520 sierra
  5. JohnMacDoe

    Red screen graphics glitches switching tab RX 480

    i5-4460 SPAPPHIRE NITRO+X RX 480 4GB 8GB Ram H81m-ds2 mobo config attached
  6. JohnMacDoe

    Transferring from GTX 950 to RX 480

    What are the necessary steps for removing all settings for nvidia driver to rx 480
  7. JohnMacDoe

    Kernel panic: can't perform kext scan: no kext summary

    My build was working fine with this specs: i5-4460 MSI GTX 950 8GB Ram H81m-ds2 mobo then 1 month ago I had to remove my gtx 950. but it still booting even without gtx 950 and intel hd not installed while waiting for my budget for another gpu (sapphire nitro+X rx 480 4gb) I installed windows...
  8. JohnMacDoe

    Accidentally installed clover on existing hackintosh drive.

    I accidentally installed clover on my current hackintosh drive. if you see the screenshot attached below it is modified today. How can I revert changes without the backup. I haven't rebooted yet.
  9. JohnMacDoe

    hangs on apple logo when IGPU is enabled

    I am not sure what I have done or haven't done for this to happen. I am a first timer in hackintosh and I really need on my problem because I have no idea what to do even while reading some guides and posts still can't make it work. First is that after installing macOS sierra I am having a...