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  1. kidpub

    HP 27f 27" IPS 1920x1080 at Best Buy

    Best Buy has this monitor for $129.99 for the next few days for Rewards members (free signup). I have several similar monitors (HP27er) on my Hackintoshes (my office machine uses three), and while they aren't high-end, my experience has been that they perform quite well for this price point at...
  2. kidpub

    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte 5770, HD4000 for triple monitor setup, 10.8.3

    This probably isn't any big news to anyone, but I wanted to make a note that adding a third monitor was quite simple on my machine, which already had an Acer H233H and a Samsung 27" driven by a GA-5770. I upgraded my wife's hack to a nice HP 27", and inherited her H233H. I plugged it into the...
  3. kidpub

    Brother MFC-J6710DW printer firmware update add AirPrint feature

    Wow, here's something I hadn't expected. I was troubleshooting a connection problem with my Brother MFC-J6710DW printer on the wireless network today and went to the Brother site to see if there was an update to the printer firmware. There was, and to my surprise one of the changes was to add...
  4. kidpub

    Miracle - Sleep and Bluetooth Work!

    I could scarcely believe it, but with Mountain Lion on my machine, sleep is working correctly, and even the Bluetooth trackpad and keyboard are available after wake. With 10.7 I had to unplug the BT adapter and plug it back in after waking. A few gotchas...I used Unibeast to upgrade over...
  5. kidpub

    [SUCCESS] GA-H55M-UD2H / i7-870 / Gigabyte GVR577UD-1G

    I'd forgotten how fun it is to build computers...last one was a Pentium 2 running Linux. For this one I used Tony's CustoMac recommendation and ended up following it pretty closely. I'd planned to use an i5-760, but Microcenter had the i7-870 on sale for just a few dollars more (US$225), so it...