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  1. Glorygamer3232

    Cannot get Pascal (GTX 1060) to work!

    Hey all, I've been here for 4+ hours attempting to get this to work and I've got nothing... I've ran every fix I've seen possible on Reddit and here, on the forums and nothing! I still get the 'No Signal' on my TV with the latest Web Drivers installed, enabled through Clover and my 1060...
  2. Glorygamer3232

    Fixing HD 530 Graphics issues while maintaining HDMI Audio

    Hey all, I've recently got HDMI Audio to work on my HD 530, however, the graphics glitch with the glitching bars in the upper left corner are now back and I've done everything as far as config edits, Multibeast HD 530 graphics..nothing works! I have an El Capitan USB so I can go back to that if...
  3. Glorygamer3232

    HDMI Audio (Intel HD 530)

    Hey all, I was wondering if someone could give me a explanation on what to do as regards to getting HDMI audio up on running on macOS Sierra on my Intel HD 530. I've attempted to follow this guide, however, I'm getting very confused with it and was wondering if I could have some help...