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  1. Farkas

    Gigabyte Z270 PHOENIX GAMING

    Hi, In the buyeer's guide, I see that there is a lot of Gigabyte Z270 compatible with OSX, but how about the Gigabyte Z270 PHOENIX GAMING ? Thanks for advices.
  2. Farkas

    MSI GP72VR 7RF with Sierra 10.12.6

    Hello I open this topic to ask for help, configuring my laptop (see profile). MSI72 VR 7RF MB : Micro-Star International MS-179B Intel Core i7 7700HQ (Kaby Lake) 2.8 GHz Intel HD Graphics 630 + Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 (Optimus) 8 Gb RAM DDR4 Ethernet Qualcomm Atheros - Killer E1100 Gigabit...
  3. Farkas

    [solved] Booting Clover from USB after installation

    Hi I successfully installed OSX 10.12.6 on my MSI laptop (in my profile) with my USB following this guide and I'm still configuring (didn't patch ACPI yet). The system boots well from my hard drive, but I cannot boot the system from USB any more. I guess this is due to KP... If I boot CLOVER...
  4. Farkas

    [solved] Install Sierra with Clover - no mouse, no trackpad

    Hello, After some issues with dual boot, I'm trying to re-install Sierra on my laptop MSI GP72VR 7RF (config in my profile). This is not the first time that I install OSX Sierra with my CLOVER stick on this computer and so far, the USB mouse, trackpad and keyboard were working during...
  5. Farkas

    [almost SUCCESS] Z97X-UD3H-BK, i7-4790k, nVidia GTX 970 4G // Yosemite Multibeast

    Hi eveyone ! First, let me thank the admins of this wonderful website. This is my first hackintosh and I found almost all the informations I needed here. I also just noticed that someone else posted an other guide with a very similar config but it seems we didn't do exactly the same way...
  6. Farkas

    Dual boot W7/Mac10.10 : GUID partition table ?

    Hi everyone First, I'm still beginner, so I'm really sorry if my questions are obvious. :oops: I'm building my first Hackintosh with my current windows PC. Here's my config : - Intel Core i7 4790K 4 core Processor 4 GHz Socket LGA1150 - Gigabyte Z97X-UD3H-BK Mother board Intel ATX Intel Socket...