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  1. osufella

    [Success] osufella's Quiet Fractal Build: Core i3-8350K - GA-H370M-D3H - 16GB RAM – Rx 570

    osufella's Quiet Fractal Build: Core i3-8350K - GA-H370M-D3H - 16GB RAM – Rx 570 [CENTER] Cinebench R15 AJA System Test Lite Unigine Heaven - Medium Unigine Heaven - Ultra Continue in Post #2.
  2. osufella

    Graphics Settings - Mojave + RX570 + Integrated Graphics

    I have been working on a new build for the past 3 weeks and finally have been able to secure, what seems to be, a relatively stable graphics setup. I am looking for some advice and confirmation on my setup and the behavior I'm seeing. There is some audio comments in here, as well. Motherboard...
  3. osufella

    GA H370M-D3H - Sleep causes CPU fan to turn off

    Working on a new build with Mojave. Been at it a few days and have been able to get most everything working. Graphics = fine, Wifi/BT = fine, was able to install and boot up, no problem. Problem lies when the system goes to sleep. Main problem...I can get the system to go to sleep, either...
  4. osufella

    Solved - H77N Wifi - High Sierra Clean Install Success...except for App Store Login

    Logged in again and it worked. Not sure how or why it started working again, but I can now view all past purchases and downloads. Finally got around to performing a clean install of High Sierra on my H77N system. Took me a while to get to the installer - main problem was I had to deselect the...
  5. osufella

    iCloud/iTunes Login Issues - SOLVED

    Performed a clean install of Sierra. I try to login to iCloud, gives me a generic error message, but System preferences show I'm logged into iCloud. I try to login in iTunes, I get error 5002. I login to my iCloud account via Safari, no problem. I check system preferences in iCloud and it...
  6. osufella

    H77N-Wifi - Success Upgrading to El Capitan

    I had never used Clover so this was an experiment. Followed standard Installation guidelines, but chose iMac 13,1 as that's what I had used previously and matched CPU of what I've got. Install seemed to go pretty well, but I kept getting kernel panics on restarts and would get the occasional...
  7. osufella

    GA-H61N + i3 3225 --> What do I need to worry about

    I have recently upgraded my hackintosh to an i7, 16G of Ram and a new CPU cooler...I would like to be able to reuse some of the parts from my original build, but I'm having issues finding a good motherboard for the build. Is there anything I should consider if I bought a GA-H61N and then use an...
  8. osufella

    GA-H77N-Wifi - Success with Yosemite

    Decided to bite the bullet and try the install. Everything went flawlessly. Followed per the process and have had no ill effects, except for iMessages still not working. Sigh. Sound, network...
  9. osufella

    Unable to login

    So I was doing some stupid things and now I am the point where the hackintosh doesn't boot up. And I can't get past the grey screen. I've tried to boot using unibeast but I can't the system to recognize the usb disk, even though it shows up in my boot loader. I've attached the error message...
  10. osufella

    Will any Ivy Bridge CPU work?

    I have a fully functional Ivy Bridge system..3.29 GHz Intel Core i3 with a NVIDIA GTX 650Ti. Can I put in any Ivy Bridge CPU now? Not looking to overclock, but wanting a bit more power...looking for a i5 something or other...thoughts?
  11. osufella

    How about a what exactly does this software do...

    I've visit the site all the time, know the steps to take to make things work, but I have no idea why. Can we get some details on how or why unibeast works? What is it doing behind the scenes? Why do I boot from a usb stick? Why do I have to boot from the integrated video before plugging in...
  12. osufella

    [Success] ousfella's prodigy build: Core i3-3225 - GA-H77N-WIFI - 8GB RAM - GTX 650 Ti

    [Success] ousfella's prodigy build: Core i7-3770S - GA-H77N-WIFI - 8GB RAM - GTX 650 Ti ousfella's prodigy build: Core i7-3770S - GA-H77N-WIFI - 8GB RAM - GTX 650 Ti Components Intel Core i7-3770S...
  13. osufella

    osufella's build: Success!!!Core i5-750 - ASUS P7P55D - 8GB RAM - GTS250

    osufella's Build: Core i5-750 - ASUS P7P55D - 8GB RAM - GTS250 Components Apple OS X Mountain Lion @ Mac Apps Store LIAN LI Lancool PC-K62 Black 0.8 mm SECC, Plastic + Mesh ATX Mid Tower Computer Case Intel Core...
  14. osufella

    P7P55D Audio - changes after moving to Lion.3

    When I originally built the system, I loaded 10.7.2, used EasyBeast Install and then applied VoodooHDA 2.61. Sound worked great. Then I upgraded to 10.7.3 and I have the chirpy/crackly sound. I have tried all of the VoodooHDA varieties with no luck. From research, I don't think I can use the...
  15. osufella

    10.7.3 System Update Gone Bad - FIXED!!!

    Long time lurker... I recently updated to 10.7.3 and everything went fine. Then I started messing around with trying to get the computer to "sleep" and I think I did something really foolish. I started reading the Sleep Golden Thread and decided to remove the NullCPUPowerManagement.kext...