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  1. esmith1966

    [Solved] ICH10R and High Sierra

    Having issues installing High Sierra on motherboards with ICH10R chipset. x58 motherboards (dx58so and dx58so2) Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a patch to fix this?
  2. esmith1966

    Help Extracting and Patching DSDT for a DX58SO MB with a hex core 990x CPU...

    I have a DX58SO with a 990x CPU... Need a DSDT for this particular configuration. Have tried the DSDT that is up here for this board, BUT does not work when I an using a hex core 990X CPU... I have it up and running without a DSDT. It seems stable and I have video, ethernet, and...
  3. esmith1966

    GA-X79-UD5 "DSDT free" board?

    Can the GA-X79-UD5 be built as a "DSDT free" installation like a GA-Z77X-UD5H board?
  4. esmith1966

    Quad monitor rotation issue

    1. have a DS58SO with two Nvidia graphic cards 2. I have been using this setup with Snow Leopard without problems... 3. Did a clean install of Mountain Lion, 4. rebooted and used Easy Beast, 5. All 4 monitors are displayed fine when not rotated (standard mode), 6. However I can only get 2...
  5. esmith1966

    DX58SO install

    Having problems with installation of Mountain Lion on DX58SO 1. the board has been stripped down to the CPU, 1 stick of RAM, and a 9400GT video card. 2. I am unable to get to installer. 3. Have tried -X and graphicsenabler=off and any combination of things including verbose boot, 4...
  6. esmith1966

    Need Graphics card(s) with Quad Monitor support

    What graphics card will provide Quad Monitor support? OR do I need to put two graphics cards into the machine? Can I put two GTX 670's or GTX 680's into my board? I want to upgrade to a Ivy Bridge motherboard and use Mountain Lion. Thanks to whomever helps...