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  1. dfritchie

    OpenCore installation stuck at "apfs_module_start : 1393: load:"

    OC is very picky about it's config.plist. Make sure you include everything in the correct order. Tonight my hack is busy running some things in windows, when I get a chance I will compare with my OC EFI. Which version of OC are you running?
  2. dfritchie


    Just have to spoof the Device ID.
  3. dfritchie

    10.15.3 beta released Jan 24th

    Seems to work just fine, but I don't have a RX5700XT.
  4. dfritchie

    Will my dual xeon PC works?

    kepler's work
  5. dfritchie

    YES! -- Lian Li TU150X M-ITX case with no window

    I like it in silver......with the window :wave:
  6. dfritchie

    Intel is really in a major slump because of AMD's Ryzen CPU line

    Saw that, funny that they need the AMD chipset since theirs don't support PCIe 4.0
  7. dfritchie

    Corsair iCUE

    I was able to use it to configure the lights on my Corsair K95 RGB Platinum and my Corsair M55 RGB Mouse. A lot less options under MacOS compared to Windows, but does the basics that most people would use it for.
  8. dfritchie

    Solved > CPUs requiring discrete graphics.

    XFX RX560's have an incomaptible bios. The 570 and 580's work though.
  9. dfritchie

    Intel is really in a major slump because of AMD's Ryzen CPU line

    I'm thinking my next hack will be AMD.
  10. dfritchie

    What do you guys think?

    Could run web drivers with High Sierra, anything newer would require AMD card. I think, there for I am.
  11. dfritchie


    Text mode picker is all I'm aware of. I set my 1080 monitor as primary in my bios since I could not read the picker on my 4k either.
  12. dfritchie

    Mod About This Mac!

  13. dfritchie

    Mod About This Mac!

    Ok, gave it a try. My car file is only 414kb, original is 2.8mb. Not sure what I did wrong.
  14. dfritchie

    Mod About This Mac!

    So, you did it the hard way with Xcode? I wish Theme Engine still worked.
  15. dfritchie

    APFS reliability

    Been using APFS since it was introduced, no problems at all.
  16. dfritchie

    Mod About This Mac!

    How did you change the SystemLogo in Catalina?
  17. dfritchie

    Newbie - What to expect for soon launching Intel Comet Lake Desktop CPUs?

    Anybody who needs that kind of power has moved to AMD, you get all that plus PCie 4.0. Intel was caught napping by AMD and will take awhile to catch up. Nobody knows what Apple will do/support this next year, if you need a hack now with lots of power go with the coffee lake Z370/90 setup.
  18. dfritchie

    The New Beginner's Guide to USB Port Configuration

    Yes, that should not be needed.
  19. dfritchie

    Fix Common Windows 10 Problems via Safe Mode

    Thanks! Just in time since I keep getting BSOD's. Waiting through 3 of them to get to safe mode is a pain!