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  1. hackmefrancis

    How to reset DisplayEDID changes?

    Hello, I've been trying to enable 4k resolutions for my 4k monitor as I am only able to select 1080p. I've tried multiple ways by following every guide I come across the forum. Now I would like to revert back to the default settings. How would I undo all the changes I made with the...
  2. hackmefrancis

    Which monitor will give me the same crispiness/sharpness like real retina mac devices?

    Hello. The title says it all. I'm about to buy a new monitor for my Hackintosh and would really like to have the same crispiness of a real mac device. I own an LG 27' 4K (3840 x 2160) monitor scaled to 2560 x 1440. Though icons and other UI elements are sharp, the fonts aren't as sharp compared...
  3. hackmefrancis

    Low PCIe SSD M.2 write speeds on macOS

    Hello. I have a WD Black PCIe SSD with the following specs: 256GB Up to 2,050 MB/s Read Up to 700 MB/s Write I'm getting 90% Write speed from its advertised speed in Windows 10 but with macOS Mojave formatted as APFS, I'm only getting 200 - 250 MB/s. Read speed is okay as I'm getting up to...
  4. hackmefrancis

    Which SMBIOS for my hardware?

    Hello. Just a quick question. What do you think would be most suitable SMBIOS for my current hardware. Intel i3-8100 (soon to be upgraded to 8400) MSI Z370i Pro Gaming Carbon AC Gigabyte RX 460 4GB 16 GB 2400 RAM 250GB NVMe SSD WD Black TIA
  5. hackmefrancis

    Does AirDrop works on non-Apple WiFi/Bluetooth hardware?

    Hi, Just as the title says, does AirDrop works on non-Apple Wifi/Bluetooth hardware? I have a USB Bluetooth dongle and a separate WiFi dongle. Both works for their own purposes but AirDrop doesn't show up in Finder.
  6. hackmefrancis

    Empty PCI list - System Report

    Hi, I have a working hackintosh which works great besides some minor issues I'm still investigating. I noticed though that my PCI list is empty. I'm pretty sure I have entries on my previous Z170 build on El Capitan. One issue that I have for my Z370 HS build is the built in Bluetooth which...
  7. hackmefrancis

    Needed DSDT Pacthes

    How would someone know which DSDT patches a specific motherboard/platform needs? I have the MSI Z370i Gaming Pro Carbon AC and I have just copied an EFI which has multiple DSDT patches compared to what I'm seeing in the forum. What do I actually need?
  8. hackmefrancis

    Need help installing XHCI-200-series-injector.kext

    Hi, I've been re-downloading and been trying different ways to install XHCI-200-series-injector.kext into my EFI, LE and even SLE but the kext won't load. Steps I'm doing: 1. Install kext via terminal (sudo cp -R xhci-200.kext /Library/Extensions). I tried it also into SLE, and to my EFI. I...
  9. hackmefrancis

    Does all original Apple WiFi cards need some sort of adapter?

    Just a quick question here. As the title says, do I need an adapter if ever I'm able to find a working WiFi card from a local Apple shop in my area? I have the MSI Z370i Pro Gaming Carbon motherboard which uses the M.2 Key E slot. I'm not sure what interface does all Apple's WiFi cards are. So...
  10. hackmefrancis

    What laptop brands uses Wifi cards that are natively supported?

    Hi, I would like to know what are the laptop brands that uses Wifi cards that are supported for hackintosh? I've scavenging a local shop trying to find at least a Broadcom Wifi card but unfortunately all the Lenovo and Dell laptops that I checked uses Atheros and Intel cards.
  11. hackmefrancis

    Clover Standalone

    Hi, I have installed my bootloader using the Clover installer downloaded at From there I've manually added all the kexts and configs for my system to work. Everything works great. Lately, I'm seeing Clover Standalone Tonymac posts and I'm thinking to update my clover...
  12. hackmefrancis

    LG 27UD58 (4K) blurry text

    Hi, I have an LG 27" 4K monitor connected via DP on my hackintosh with RX 460. Everything works except that I am not satisfied with the sharpness of my monitor specially with texts. OS X images and UI elements like icons are sharp but the text are blurry. Not so blurry but I supposed OS X has...
  13. hackmefrancis

    Reinstall takes forever

    Hi, after a few months of using my hackintosh, I decided to reinstall to clean up all the mess I have. I’m using the same exact USB installer I used before which worked but I’m not sure why its not working anymore. Nothing changed on my hardware. Same components. I’m currently stuck in, please...
  14. hackmefrancis

    [Solved] Possible to have screen brightness controls?

    Hello. Just a quick question as I am not able to find answers searching. Is it possible to have a screen brightness control? I have an LG 27UD58 4K monitor and want to have the native F1/F2 keys for adjusting the brightness instead of using the monitor's OSD. I know this is possible for laptop...
  15. hackmefrancis

    How to enable Intel HD 630 alongside RX460 - Coffee Lake build?

    Hello. So I have a working Coffee Lake build with the Gigabyte RX460. All is running well so far with the help of Lilu + WhateverGreen kexts. I would like to enable the iGPU HD 630 as I've read it helps on some graphical issues here and there. Actually one issue I'm having right now is YouTube...
  16. hackmefrancis

    Kext loaded or not?

    Hi everyone! I have ALL my kexts installed under EFI/EFI/Clover/kext/Other. Is it normal that all the kext installed here DOES NOT appear in the System Information -> Software -> Extensions ? I'm guessing they are loaded since I am able to booth and most works. I didn't install it yet on SLE or...
  17. hackmefrancis

    Computer restarts due to a problem...

    Hi, so i have a working hack which suddenly today has been restarting and showing a message that something happened. I can’t do much of investigation coz’ it will reboot immediately. I tried booting in Safe Mode and the reboot issue doesn’t happen. What could be causing this? Thinking of...
  18. hackmefrancis

    Apple 27 Thunderbolt Display compatibility on non-thunderbolt Hackintosh build?

    Hello, Will the thunderbolt display from Apple work on my current hackintosh build? Asus Z170i Pro Gaming Gigabyte RX460 4GB (HDMI 2.0b, DisplayPort 1.4, DVI-D) 8GB RAM 2400 128 GB SSD A co-worker is trying to sell his display with a very reasonable price and I would definitely take it if it...
  19. hackmefrancis

    Performance Issue!!

    I have working hackintosh build with the following specs: i5-6500 Asus Z170i Pro Gaming Gigabyte RX460 4GB 128GB Corsair SSD 8GB HyperX RAM Everything works fine with few kexts installed to make all working. FakeSMC with HW plugins IntelMausiEthernet Lilu + Whatevergreen for my GPU (I have...
  20. hackmefrancis

    Diagnosing Sleep

    Hi all, Where should I start diagnosing the sleep/wake functionality of my system. My system sleeps through the Sleep menu as well as the timed sleep settings. I can assure that the sleep works because my fans will stop and the LED will start blinking. Wake also works via my USB keyboard. But I...