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  1. mitch_de

    iGPU clk sensor?

    Hi, i installed Demo of istat Menue und can see now the CLK of the IGPU HD4000 350...1150 Mhz. Using newest HWMONITOR3 and IntelCPU Plugin + Radeonmonitor didnt show the iGPU. Is the IGPU sensor not included the IntelCPU Plugin? So there is no IntelIGPU Plugin..? Thanks
  2. mitch_de

    Yosemite: corrupted Pics using Preview (OpenCL prob!)

    Hi, since 10.10 i have major prob with my Nvidia GPU 440 - worked good with 10.9.5. OpenCL tasks like the Benches Luxmark and OpenCL OceanWaves working also in 10.10. BUT: Preview seems now corruptes all opened pics, also if i change some effect (sharpen,...) the left side mini preview...