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  1. rossi1959

    Cube Switch Modding

    I did have some problems with mainly when plugging devices into USB sockets the machine would just shut down, I found I needed to isolate (Insulate) the mainboard completely from the chassis.
  2. rossi1959

    Cube Switch Modding

    Do you use a PICO PSU? If you do just solder a wire to the Motherboard connector. Her's Mini Hacks tutorial that I used to do mine.
  3. rossi1959

    Cube Switch Modding

    Here is the link to my build which I have now running on Mohave but I am going to go backwards to Sierra because of the age of the components, but I have still got the touch sensor working with no issues at all, You will note I used the Purple 5 volt standby wire from the power connector...
  4. rossi1959

    [Solved] BCM94360 Not Working After Mojave Upgrade

    I had the exact problem as you with a GA-Z77n-wifi and did what you did and bam wifi works.
  5. rossi1959

    Fleischs cube project with GA-H77TN

    Hi Fleisch, I agree with all opinions stated by all before me, in that it is a huge task to run any type of graphics card in the cube. I am currently trying to run a GT 650Ti with an i5 CPU in an air cooled cube, and struck disaster which I think was a power supply over heating trying to get...
  6. rossi1959

    Cooling the Cube

    After a fatal crash of the OS, to which I am not sure what did it, I couldn't boot, and used -v and saw that it stopped at "Unrecognised CPU", I googled and found it was quite a common error among not only Mac but Win as well, I found that using the flag "CPU=1"(without quotes) got me into the...
  7. rossi1959

    Obtaining a G4 Cube in Australia (for modification)

    Hi Kiwi, Good idea waiting for Haswell, for the build in your cube, because with all the testing I have done ( and just had a fatal crash) I have concluded that it's not really practical to try and install a graphics card into the cube, as the PSU needed takes up too much room and...
  8. rossi1959

    Cooling the Cube

    I came across that gem studying the temperature characteristics and the limits of the i series CPU's for my project, and thought I am spending enough time and money without having to resort to those dubious tactics. Rossi.
  9. rossi1959

    Cooling the Cube

    My aim with this mod is primarily to see what power limits can be reached in the cube, and have the cube as an every day easy to live with PC (High Hopes), I could have played it safe and left it with the i3 running the HD4000 graphics, and it would have served me well in that configuration for...
  10. rossi1959

    Cooling the Cube

    I'm with you on that one Minihack, in my post #19 I was pointing to that procedure, but I don't think I would go to those measure's, looks like a very costly mistake could be made.(probably not too different in the fatal mistakes department to what I am trying to achieve at this moment):banghead:
  11. rossi1959

    Cooling the Cube

    Thank's for the encouraging support Ersterhernd, In all honesty I do think that you have reached the practical limit and would probably only need to get a little more airflow through the meshed bottom plate to get your temps down to make it totally reliable at full tilt, where you would not have...
  12. rossi1959

    Cooling the Cube

    Hi Ersterhernd, I believe the T case reading would relate to the heatsink temps as it is in direct contact with the IHS or (Integrated Heat Spreader), some of the overclocker community are now removing the IHS to discard the Intel thermal paste between the actual core and IHS and re apply the...
  13. rossi1959

    Cooling the Cube

    I have been considering the temps by the i7 cube builds, and want to try and keep the i5 3570k cooler than what they are running at, which is too close to the edge for mine, I want to run the machine on full power in any situation at any time without any instability issue's whatsoever. I have...
  14. rossi1959

    Cube with Core i7 and dedicated GPU?

    I'll second that minihack, I have the GA-Z77 and the atheros 9280 wifi module installed and it works with Mountain Lion out of the box.
  15. rossi1959

    Cooling the Cube

    UPDATE: In preparation of setting up the cube to power the Z77 mini ITX with 3570k CPU and GT640 GPU, I have installed a 300 watt PSU into the cube's DVD drive bay and have just finished heat tests to see what impact the PSU has on the current configuration of Z77 and 3225 i3 with...
  16. rossi1959

    Fans Please STFU !!!

    Kiwi's link brought me hear and what a find, awesome work sir. :thumbup: Cheers, Rossi.
  17. rossi1959

    G4 + G5 = A G4 Cube in a Modded G5 Case

    Sorry no spare cubes to sell, but I like the fish bowl and also like the panniers on the motorbike. Cheers Rossi.
  18. rossi1959

    My Cube 2.1: Core i7 and ATI 6670 inside a Cube G4 case

    Beautiful build Sleppek, I have done the same with that build and GT640, but will be using a 3570k with a built in 300 watt PSU with twin 92mm blower fans, my aim is to be able to make my build totally practical, and be able to run at full speed at all times, I see you have the thermals running...
  19. rossi1959

    Cube Switch Modding

    Go back to page 1 of this thread and check out the third picture down, you will see the green wire + and the white wire - your motherboard manual will show which pin on the header is the positive and negative. the plug that connects to the motherboards header generally has a triangle on it to...