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  1. Fraxinus

    questions concerning UEFI drivers and boot volume related to File Vault 2

    Hi everybody. I'm still doing some research on Filevault 2 and got confronted with some questions i couldn't find a answer. I managed to get a working hack on one my test disk (Irrsinn) with filevault2, but some questions need to be addressed. First, I would like to know which of the File...
  2. Fraxinus

    [Solved] If i use the Keyboard in clover bootscreen, system restarts.

    Hi I use Clover 4741 on High Sierra 13.6. with Filvault 2. Since e few weeks i have a problem with my clover bootscreen together with my keyboard. If i push keys of the wired keyboard before the clover bootscreen appears, i manage to use it as any other user may. but if i wait until the clover...
  3. Fraxinus

    No Audio Devices - Asus Maximus IX Hero

    Hi everybody I'm quite new in this community and there are still many things to learn. Right now I'm struggling with my audio settings on High Sierra 10.13.2. I couldn't find a fitting ALC audio driver (S1220 is needed), so I've tried voodoohda 2.9.0d10. It worked, I could use the green output...
  4. Fraxinus

    My first Hackintosh: G5 case support needed

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I've got an old g5 case and i'm trying now to build a new Hackintosh. I bought an ATX kit by the laserhive, everything is prepared to get started quite soon. But first i need to buy the right equipment to build inside. Therefore i need some advise and I am very...